Friday, October 30, 2015

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Stamp Clubs News

The International Philippine Philatelic Society...was recently host to Taiwan-based member Ray Coughlin, who was in the country for a visit. His children will be studying here. The IPPS is the internationally recognized society for specialists in Philippine philately and postal history.
The Philatelic Club of the Philippines...held an auction/meeting  last August 2 at the New World Restaurant in Binondo, Manila, with some two dozen members attending. Organized over 20 years ago as the Filipino-Chinese Philatelic Club, current PCP officers are Benny So (President) and Co Bian Bian (Vice President).
Philippine Stamp Collectors...observed its sixth month of existence in July with over 70 members from all over the country with a little less than half in Metro Manila. Hobby Time has been adopted by PSC as its official organ with a supplementary newsletter for members only. PSC membership is still open.
The Education Committee of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club...has postponed its scheduled showing of films on the U.N. Postal Administration and its stamps. Regular PPAC auction is set for September 27 at the APPU Conference Room, 3rd floor, Bureau of Posts Bldg., Manila. Meanwhile, the 1982 edition of the PPAC Catalog of RP issues (up to May 1981) has been prepared for printing by Linda Stanfield and Tony So.
The second quarter issue of PALS, the international penpals publication of Philatelic Philippines Exchange Guild...has come out with the names and particulars (hobbies, interests, etc.) of over 60 members in 24 countries. A copy is available at P2.00, postage included. Membership is still open.
[Source: Hobby Time, June-July 1981]

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