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1963 Christmas seal

An Igorot woman graces the Christmas seal of 1963, with rice terraces in the background.

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1961 Christmas seal

In 1961 the Christmas seal featured Pandango sa Ilaw.

Stamp collectors have adopted seals as part of their collections since they look like postage stamps.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

1947 Christmas seal

The Philippine Tuberculosis Society issued this Christmas seal in 1947 depicting a profile of President Manuel L. Quezon and a partial view of the Quezon TB Institute.

Interestingly, the seal is multicolored -- not like Philippine postage stamps at that time, which were issued in only one or two colors.

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Science Stamp horizontal

granite paper
granite paper
granite paper
granite paper
granite paper
You can read about Science Stamp taxes in Republic Act No. 5448.

Section 1 of this act is as follows:

"Section 1. Creation of Special Science Fund. There is hereby created a Special Science Fund, hereafter referred to as the Fund, to be constituted from the proceeds of the taxes imposed in Sections three and four of this Act to promote scientific and technological research and development, foster invention, and utilize scientific knowledge as an effective instrument for the promotion of national progress. This Fund shall be expended exclusively for the programs, projects and activities of the National Science Development Board, Philippine Atomic Energy Commission, National Institute of Science and Technology, Philippine Coconut Research Council of the Philippines, and the Science Foundation of the Philippines authorized under their respective charters or laws of their creation, including colleges and units of the University of the Philippines and bureaus of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources involved in scientific and technological research and development, and for the expenses of science agencies to carry out their functions, duties and responsibilities, as well as the undertaking of legislative studies and observation on incentive policies and the funding schemes of scientific and technological bodies abroad."

Friday, June 24, 2016

Science Stamp vertical

ordinary paper
granite paper

ordinary paper
granite paper
granite paper
granite paper
A used Science Stamp was cancelled either by pen, hole punch, or handstamp.

Science Stamps were issued in the 1960s and 1970s.

These are kept by collectors of revenue stamps.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Victory Act

An unauthorized overprint on the Woman and Carabao stamp purportedly for revenue, the overprint reads "Act 1189" (which is the Internal Revenue Act of 1904) and was handstamped.

Don't know when this was made.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

'Mosden' stamps

These Kennedy memorial stamps had no postal validity. These were issued by an American philatelic agency for the Philippine government but the government cancelled the contract. 

Together with the 1968 Olympic Games set, these are available to collectors today. Ezzet Mosden, a stamp dealer, proposed these issues.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

EFO 1959 semipostal

Normal Copy
The Lorraine Cross in the normal copy has sharp points but in the EFO the bottom of the vertical line is blunt.

This EFO is unrecorded in the IPPS EFO catalog.

This was my EFO discovery last June 11.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

FSCC auction June 2016

About 30 bidders had fun in the June 19 auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held at the Philpost lobby.

There were more than 500 lots, philatelic and nonphilatelic, but the list had duplicated some items.

Had a chat with Hans Becker during the sale regarding IPPS membership and the state of the stamp hobby in the well as in Luxembourg where he comes from.

These were the listed Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
assorted stamps
1898 P1, 80c, P2 used/pair
16 stamps partial Certificado cancellations (faults)

1925 Legislative Palace official 4 values mint
Commonwealth P2 ovpt B/4 mint
Commonwealth P5 ovpt B/4 mint
1939 two paquebot covers (tear)
1939 two Cebu covers
1940s slogans cut square
1940s slogans cut square (diff from above)
Commonwealth Victory postal card Roxas inauguration May 28, 1946
Victory FDC

Japanese occupation
FDC Jan. 23, 1943 w/censor mark
FDC Baha Dec. 8, 1943
FDC Baha surcharges 1943
FDC May 7, 1943 w/censor mark
FDC May 7, 1943 B/6 w/censor mark two FDCs
FDC Heroes Feb. 17, 1944
stamped envelope Kapariz 1944 to Cebu

Republic mint
1949 Library semipostals + FDC
1960 Constitution two sets
1963 overprint on 1949 ss 15th Anniv. UN Declaration of Human Rights
1975 Orthopedic Association imperf
1975 Orthopedic Association perf
1977 Solicitor General two B/4s light & dark color
1978 Fishes
1979 Scoutpex ovpt two souvenir sheets
1982 Ferdinand Marcos 65th Anniversary presentation pack
1983 Christmas strip of 5
1983 INTOSAI ss
1984 AUSIPEX imperf ss
1984 Los Angeles Olympics imperf ss
1986 Ninoy Aquino ss
1987 San Lorenzo Luis stamps + ss
1988 Seoul Olympics 6 values imperf pairs
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1988 UST 50th sheetlet
1988 Bacolod City Golden Charter sheetlet
1988 PCIB-Land Bank two sheetlets
1989 National Science and Technology Week sheetlet
1989 Supreme Court sheetlet
1989 Supreme Court sheetlet w/color codes at upper part
1989 Department of Defense sheetlet
1989 General Santos City Golden Anniversary sheetlet
1989 Intl Declaration of Human Rights sheetlet (some toning)
1991 12th Asia Pacific Jamboree two souvenir sheets
1991 Philippine Eagle
1991 16th SEA Games ss
1991 SEA Games arnis & gymnastics
1991 1st Philippine Philatelic Convention ss
1991 USAFFE Induction ss
1992 Barcelona Olympics ss
1992 I Love You B/4s
1993 17th SEA Games ss
1993 Philippine Centennial part 1 ss
1994 Bataan ss
1995 P2 miniature sheet of 12
1995 P2 miniature sheet of 18
1995 Philippine Centennial part 3 ss
1996 Philippine Centennial part 4 ss
1996 Aquarium Fishes ss
1996 Orchids
1996 Year of the Rat ss
1997 Philippine Centennial part 5
1997 Pacific World Philatelic Exhibition two souvenir sheets
1998 Philippine Centennial part 6 ss
1998 Philippine Centennial strip of 3
1998 Philippine Centennial ss A
1998 Philippine Centennial ss B
1998 Philippine Centennial ss C
1998 Philippine Centennial ss D
1998 Philippine Centennial ss E
1998 Philippine Centennial imperf ss
1998 Philippine Centennial booklet
1999 Mongol B/4
1999 Year of the Dragon two sheetlets
2002 Intl Year of the Mountain ss
2004 San Agustin Church sheetlet
2004 First Philippine Stamps ss
2004 First Philippine Stamps strip of 4
2004 First Philippine Stamps series 6 ss
2004 Bonsai overprinted Singapore World Exhibit ss
2004 MCU two sheetlets
2004 Intl Year of Rice ss
2005 Philippine Shells ss
2005 Philippine Shells blue background sheetlet
2005 Lighthouses ss
2005 Endemic Snails green background sheetlet
2005 Endemic Snails orange background sheetlet
2005 Endemic Snails yellow background sheetlet
2006 Chan-Cu Association sheetlet
2009 Phl-India Diplomatic Relations sheetlet
2010 Penafrancia two sets of B/4
Presidents w/seal B/10 Type 1

Republic used
1993 fishes two whole strips of 5
1940s-2000s mixture est. 7,000 on paper/off paper

Republic FDC
1947 ECAFE Cagayan Misamis Oriental cancel
1947 ECAFE perf & imperf two FDCs
1947 ECAFE Baguio & Quezon City cancels
1947 ECAFE & FAO combo Cebu City cancel
1958 12th Anniversary of Independence
1958 Quezon Institute semipostal 10 diff cachets
1959 Honoring Philippine Flag
1959 Honoring Rizal 5 diff cachets
1959 Honoring Rizal OB 5 diff cachets
1959 Maria Cristina Falls 4 diff cachets
1959 Maria Cristina Falls II 4 diff cachets
1962 Aurora Aragon Quezon surcharge 8 diff cachets
1964 Rizal in barong regular & OB
1965 Elpidio Quirino 3 diff cachets
1965 Visit of Thai King 8 diff cachets
1966 Girl Scouts 4 diff cachets
1967 RP-China two FDCs
1978 CAPEX ss imperf/imperf
1979 Scoutpex official long FDC
1980 Christmas
1980 Philatelic Week overprint
1982 Asean
1982 KKK
1982 KKK 12 diff cities cancellation
1982 Christmas
1983 Scouts overprint on KKK
1984 AUSIPEX ss perf/imperf
1987 GSIS
1988 Olympic Week six FDCs perf/imperf
1989 Philatelic Week
1992 Kabisig
1996 Modern Olympics Centenary
2000 Insects ss
2006 Conquest of Mt. Everest
2010 Vicente Manansala ss
2014 Festival Mask ss
2015 Pope Francis Visit
9 diff FDCs
1940s 16 pcs FDCs
1980s 58 pcs FDCs
1990s 52 pcs FDCs

Republic aerogramme
Paskuhan Village San Fernando Pampanga cachet

Republic souvenir albums
1958 12th Anniversary of Republic
1966 Postal Savings Bank
1966 New Seal of the City of Manila
1967 Bureau of Posts
1968 Rotary Club of Makati

Republic covers
stamped envelope, slogan Long Live the Republic of the Philippines Cebu City
1948 postal card New City Island of Basilan
1959 slogan MacArthur 79th Birthday Liberator
1959 slogan Help Prevent Fire
Ninoy & Kabisig covers

Republic specimens
1994 Miss Universe pairs
2006 Year of the Dog
2006 National Stamp Collection Month
4 pcs
4 pcs (diff from above)
Birds going to the right

Republic revenues
1950s-60s 5 documents with documentary stamps

Republic EFOs
Postal Conference, Kennedy, Fight Drug Abuse EFO
1971 & 1972 FDC EFO
1984 Aurora Quezon offset

100 diff used stamps many large
album of 1946-48 singles, B/4s, FDCs
People Power stamps
Airmail Exhibition sheet 40th anniv Transpacific Flight
USPI-JapOcc assorted stamps

TB Seals
1951 B/12

Knights of Rizal

New Issue alert:

Knights of Rizal Centennial Celebration

June 19, 2016 

 The Knights of Rizal Centennial Celebration Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting June 19, 2016 at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 19, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.


PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost issues Rizal Stamps


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) releases new stamps featuring Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal in celebration of the 100 years anniversary of the Order of the Knights of Rizal.
Historically, the Knights of Rizal stems out from the Orden de Caballeros de Rizal which was established in 1911 and was publicly listed in 1916 as a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization. The Order of the Knights of Rizal was first organized by a group of nine men led by then Manila Police Chief Colonel Antonio Torres to honor the martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal.
Since then, the order has led commemorations of Rizal's birth anniversaries and plays a prominent role during Rizal Day ceremonies commemorating his death anniversary. 
The Knights of Rizal Centennial Celebration special stamp features the image of the sculptured bust figure of the national hero with the official seal of the Order of the Knights of Rizal at the background.
PHLPost commissioned security printer Amstar Co. to print 101,000 copies of the stamps, to be sold at P15 each. The stamps were designed by PhlPost layout artist Victorino Z. Serevo.
The stamps and official first day cover will be available starting June 19, 2016 at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Jose Rizal: 1861-2016

New Issue alert:

Jose Rizal: 1861-2016

June 19, 2016
The Jose Rizal: 1861-2016 Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting June 19, 2016 at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 19, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

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Aguinaldo issue

The first two issues listed for the revolutionary period.

Top stamp has shading around the value, and bottom stamp without shading.

Friday, June 17, 2016

last newspaper stamp

The third and last time Philippines issued a newspaper stamp was during the revolutionary period.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

registration stamp

The only time Philippines issued a registration stamp was during the revolutionary period of Philippine philately.

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In Singapore


This is about "The president of Mama Sita Foundation, Mrs.ClaraR.Lapus and her granddaughter Ms. Isabelle Reyes, called on Ambassador Morales to turn-over Mama Sita commemorative stamps...."

'unofficial' official 3

Handstamped O.B. on the USPI Perf 10 definitives.