Saturday, July 22, 2017

Peace Fund slogan

This slogan cancel calling for supporting the Peace Fund Drive & Fair of Manila was used in Manila from November 23 to December 22, 1952.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Home Industries slogan

This slogan cancel promoting Home Industries was used in Manila from February 1 to 15, 1954.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Asian Games slogan

This slogan cancel for the 2nd Asian Games held from May 1 to 9, 1954 was used in Manila from January 11 to 31, 1954.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yacht club commem cover

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost releases Manila Yacht Club 90th year anniversary commemorative cover

In line with the 90th Anniversary of the Manila Yacht Club (MYC) which was established in 1927, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) issued the limited edition Commemorative Cover featuring the MYC’s members’ only Club and the country’s premier yacht club.
The Club is also one of the oldest yacht clubs in Asia.
The said commemorative cover comes with a design or theme printed in the envelope to celebrate the 90th year anniversary and the postmark indicating the cancellation of the first day of issue. These are important to collectors because of its historical significance.
Today, the Manila Yacht Club (MYC) plans to promote yachting and sailing as sporting event.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Anti-littering slogan

This slogan cancel for Make Manila Beautiful was used in Manila from May 1 to 10, 1958.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Taxes slogan

This slogan cancel calling on taxpayers to pay their taxes was used in Manila from April 5 to 11, 1955.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

FSCC auction July 2017

Some 30 bidders, including new faces in the crowd and absentee bidders, participated in today's auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held at the Philpost lobby.

The picture above shows majority of the crowd.

Of the 530 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots offered, the following were the Philippine philatelic lots (not counting a few with inadequate descriptions):
Spanish era
1888-89 papel sellado 25c de peso green headboard w/serial #
1898 1 milesima B/9 mint

Y2 B/4 mint
2c telegrafos B/4 mint
YP1 perf/imperf una milesima B/4

1911 cover Los Banos & 1921 OB Tayabas (some tears)
1926 FDC (La Estrella Filipinas)
1926 FDC Legislative (Phil Chess Association)
1926 FDC Legislative A
1926 FDC Legislative B
1926 FDC Legislative C
1926 FDC Legislative w/Christmas seal
1927 FDC w/Fondo Espanol label
1931 2c & 4c imperf B/4 mint
1931 OB 10v B/4 mint
1933 slogan cover Manila Trade Center of the Pacific
1935 Inauguration Commonwealth 5v B/4 mint
1935 Temples of Human Progress 5v mint pairs
1936 Arnacal 3v B/6 mint
1936 commercial cover Manila to Davao 2c red Rizal
1937 Eucharistic Congress unused/used set
1945 Victory 13v B/4 cancelled
Victory FDC A
Victory FDC B
Victory postal card

Japanese occupation
1943 OSG 3v perf B/4
1942 FDC Dec. 8
1943 FDC Jan. 23
1943 FDC April 1 A
1943 FDC April 1 B
1943 FDC May 7
1943 FDC Oct. 14
1944 FDC Feb. 17
1943 postal card Oct. 14
1944 postal card June 19
1944 postal card Sept. 7
1944 FDC Kapariz
Planting Rice B/4s error

Republic mint
1947 defins 2v B/4 (March 23)
1947 defins 2v B/4 (August 1)
1947 Ecafe 3v imperf pairs
1954 Asian Games 3v
1972 Evolution of Flag strip
1977 Espamer ss perf/imperf
1978 Capex ss perf/imperf
1991 El Filibusterismo set
1991 Year of Monkey 2v sheets of 50
1992 Year of Rooster 2v sheets of 50
1992 Battle of Bataan ss
1992 Battle of Corregidor ss
1992 Chess ss 3pcs (w/slight stain)
1993 Our Lady of Naval B/4
1993 Bangkok Exhibit ovpt on Fishes ss
1996 UE B/4
1997 J Walter Thompson B/4
1997 Year of Tiger perf ss
1997 Year of Tiger imperf ss
1998 Pink Sisters 2pcs
2001 HK Exhibit ss Philippine Eagle
2001 HK Exhibit ss Tamaraw
2001 HK Exhibit ss Pawikan
2001 HK Exhibit ss Sampaguita
2001 HK Exhibit ss Tarsier
2002 Marikina City pair
2004 Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce 2 sets
2008 Rats of Luzon 4v
UN World Heritage
Flowers B/16 + P1 9pcs
4 diff ss

Republic specimens
1991 Basketball Centenary set
1993 National Anthem ss Series 1
1993 Indonesia Stampex ovpt on Butterflies sheet #1 2 ss
1993 Indonesia Stampex ovpt on Butterflies sheet #2 2 ss
1994 Naphilcon ovpt on Corals ss
1997 HK Stampex Zodiac signs ms of 6
1998 Aseanpex Rizal’s Life, Works set + 4 ss
1999 Migratory Shorebirds ss
2000 Sydney Olympics B/4
2000 La Union 4v
2003 Rizal’s Roots in China B/4
2005 SEA Games 6v
2005 Pasko set
2005 SEA Games ss 2pcs
2005 Land Snails 8v
2005 Land Snails ss
2007 Birds defins 4v 2 sets
2007 Birds defins 8v
2008 Bonsai 32v in sheetlet
2008 Crabs 4v
2008 Lighthouses 4v
2008 Sports set
2008 Philippine Eagle 2v
2008 Tourist Spots 7v
2010 Ateneo de Manila Class of 60 B/4
2010 Grace Christian School B/4
2010 Veterans Federation pair
2010 Turnover of Olongapo from USA pair
2010 Central Mindanao University pair
2010 Protect Ozone Layers pair
2010 Bukidnon State University B/4
Millennium Series 2 3 4 (3 strips)
Intl Year of the Eucharist 6v
Coastal Resources set + ss
Intl Year of Rice set + ss
FEU, Lyceum, San Beda (10 schools/universities)
5 diff commems A
5 diff commems B
10 pcs Benguet, SGV, Camera Club, Eclipse, Rotary, etc
10 pcs La Union, Vigan, Baguio, Marikina, Ozamiz, etc
11 pcs Pfizer, St. Luke’s, etc

Republic FDCs
1946 Independence set
1947 (Oct. 19)
1950 Baguio w/signature of Carlos P. Romulo
1954 Asian Games 6 diff cachets
1959 22pcs
1962 w/signature of Diosdado Macapagal
1964 Olympics B/4 & 4 diff cachets
1966 w/signature of Ferdinand Marcos
1977 Boy Scouts National Jamboree
1979 Scoutpex ss
1979 Scoutpex ss Manila & UP cancels
1981 SEA Games Rizal Memorial cancel
1984 National Museum 2v
1988 Insects 4 diff cachets
1993 Indonesia Stampex ovpt on Butterflies sheet #1
1993 Indonesia Stampex ovpt on Butterflies sheet #2
1994 PEZA set
1994 Miss Universe ss
1997 HK Stampex Zodiac signs ms

Republic covers
1948 Rizal Monument definitive Dumaguete cancel
1950 slogan cover Cebu City
1975 slogan cover Corregidor cancel

Republic souvenir albums
1954 Marian Year
1972 Julian Felipe

1979 Scoutpex FDC + ss
Manuel Quezon FDC + stamps
Trial of Bonifacio postal card unused
Rizal green postal card w/Manila Cathedral stamp first day cancel
Album of 1950s stamps & FDCs
Lot of covers
Lot of postally used covers
TB seals 1991 sheet of 36
TB seals 1988 sheet of 48 + ss
TB seals 1950s-1980s B/4s
TB seal 1973 B/30
Philippine Philatelic Journal A w/bonus 1,000+ RP stamps
Philippine Philatelic Journal B w/bonus 1,000+ RP stamps
Philstamps auction catalog w/bonus 1,000+ RP stamps

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Girl Scout Week slogan

This slogan cancel for Girl Scout Week of September 20-27, 1952 was used in Manila from September 16 to 27, 1952.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Jaycees slogan 3

This slogan cancel for the 7th National Convention of the Jaycees, held at Bacolod City from April 14 to 17, 1955, was used only in Bacolod City from April 1 to 17, 1955.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jaycees slogan 2

This slogan cancel for the Fellowship Fiesta of the Central Luzon Jaycees, held at Tarlac, Tarlac from February 19 to 20, 1955, was used only in Tarlac from February 18 to 20, 1955.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jaycees slogan 1

This slogan cancel for the 8th National Convention of the Jaycees, held at Baguio City from May 2 to 6, 1956, was used in Manila and in Baguio from April 16 to May 6, 1956.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

EFO 1948 Boy Scout 4c imperf

Ring flaw between U and T in SCOUTS
Background color shifted upward and to the left
Flaw above O and Y in BOY of top right stamp
Ring flaw after Y in BOY of lower leftmost stamp
EFOs of the 4c imperforate.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

EFO 1948 Sampaguita

Green shifted to the left
Green shifted downward and to the right
Green shifted to the right
Green shifted downward, light green background shifted downward
White spots on leaves
Green shifted to the left
Green shifted downward and to the right
EFO varieties of the 1948 Sampaguita stamp.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

EFO 1988 Balagtas

Light green shifted to left (see back of head)
Light green shifted to left (see back of head)
Light green shifted to left (see front of head)
Light green shifted to left (see front of head)
Light green shifted to left (see front of head)
Light green shifted to left (see back of head)
Brown touching IAL of BICENTENNIAL
Here are some EFOs of the Balagtas Bicentennial issue of 1988.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Philacon '92 postcard

Here is a postcard for Philacon '92, the Second National Philatelic Convention, held at Cebu City from October 22 to 24, 1992.
On the back is a stamp cancelled with a Philacon '92 slogan cancellation dated October 9, 1992, the 15th anniversary of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club. There are two signatures, most likely PPAC members. One is that of (my guess) Carlos Inductivo (who conducted the "grand auction" of Philacon '91).
The slogan's message is delightsome: Happiness is Collecting Stamps!

Thursday, July 6, 2017


This postcard was issued for the Philippine Stamp Exhibit at Taipei held from December 1 to 3, 1992.
It pictures a 'labuyo' and has a cancelled P2 Year of the Cock stamp (issued in 1992 for the 1993 Chinese New Year).
There actually were Philippine souvenir sheets issued for the exhibit. On the other hand, the Republic of China issued a commemorative souvenir sheet for the "Philippine Stamp Exhibition 1992".

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Missing 1959 stamp illustration
Missing 1936 stamp illustration
Missing 1906 stamp illustration
Rizalcipex, the Rizal Centennial International Philatelic Exhibition, was held at Manila from June 10 to 26, 1961.
This privately-issued "souvenir sheet" (more like a souvenir card) illustrates three Dr. Jose Rizal stamps of the USPI, Commonwealth, and Republic periods. On the back is printed a serial number.
Anyone knows who issued this?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

EFO 1988 Malate

PILIPINAS and "1." of P1.00 touching the illustration
Color Shift affecting 1776 of top stamp
Flaw on green of top stamp at right of A in PILIPINAS
Dark shade
"1." of P1.00 touching illustration
Color Shift causing doubling of cross (top right stamp)
Some EFOs of the 1988 Malate se-tenant block of 4 issue.

Monday, July 3, 2017

EFO 1990 Great Filipinos E

Color shift on all six Recto stamps affecting eyes and eyebrows, Extra stroke on l of Tolentino, doubled left eyes in all Tolentino stamps and broken 1 in P1.00 of lowest stamp, Doubled eyeglasses in all Gonzalez stamps and dot above 8 of 1890 in 4th stamp from top.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

APO auction July 2017

Some two dozen bidders participated in today's auction of the APO Philatelic Society held at the Philpost lobby.

Of the 408 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots listed, the following were the Philippine philatelic items (excluding a few more lots with inadequate descriptions):
1917 4c McKinley booklet pane mint
1921 Bureau of Posts registry official business card to Pasig
1926 2nd Day Cover #2 2c Legislative
1926 2nd Day Cover #8 2c Legislative
1926 2nd Day Cover 4c Legislative
1927 cover w/Fondo Benefico Espanol label
1935 cover 2c Juan dela Cruz carmine uprated for US destination
1936 Arnacal Flight set B/4
1938 Rizal mint missing period after B
1938 Rizal red Commonwealth no hyphen error
1945 Victory postal card 1st Anniv of D-Day Tacloban
4c mint stamped envelope
Eucharistic Congress 36c B/6
Commonwealth special delivery stamp B/4
Rizal Victory B/8
Victory FDCs w/Commonwealth cachet & cancelled Surrender of Japan

Japanese occupation
1942 FDC 5c Dalaga w/cachet
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf imperf 2pcs
1943 cover Rizal Day w/Tagalog slogan 1st day of usage
1943 Kalayaan special envelope imperf FDC & Kapariz no. 7
1943-44 5 postal cards incl 3 slogan cancelled
1944 FDC Heroes perf & 2nd Bataan Anniv 2pcs
5 cards & covers Limbagan 1943; Dec 27, 1944
postal card used diff dates
2nd Anniv Fall of Bataan/Corregidor B/4

Republic mint
1947 4c postage due sheet
1959 6c Flag sheet
1960 5c surch Rotary Mayon sheet
1962 Orchids perf imperf
1963 Human Rights ovpt on 1949 ss
1963 1c Quezon sheet
1966 Marcos Oathtaking set B/4
1967 Corregidor set
1970 Pope Visit set B/4
1970 10c Pharmacy sheet
1971 Limasawa 60c pane of 50
1972 5c Heart sheet
1972 5c Munich Olympics sheet
1972 Evolution of Philippine Flag strip
1973 5c PETA sheet
1978 Capex
1980 UN 35th Anniv B/4
1981 Jesuits ss & 1991 Philacon ss
1984 Espana ss perf imperf
1984 LA Olympics ss imperf
1984 Parrots set B/4
1985 RP-PROC ss
1985 Horses ss & 1965 Christianity
1986 People Power set 1st printing
1988 PCIBank-Landbank 5 se-tenant pairs & 10pcs Scuba Diving imperf
1991 New Year 2v sheets of 50
1991 Asia Pacific Jamboree ss & 1993 Year of Cock
1992 New Year 2v sheets of 50
1994 Centenary of Phil Independence ss series 2
1994 Corals se-tenant & Congratulations 8v
1994 PhilaKorea set w/2 ss
1995 End of WWII 2 sheetlets
1995 Paintings set & ss
1996 Marine Fishes strip
1996 Unicef sheetlet & ss
1998 Philippine Pride ss 4 diff
1998 Phil-Mexico-Spain ss
2001 Phil-Vatican 2 vertical sheetlets
2004 Bonsai ss 5pcs
2004 World Championship ss 6pcs
2005 Endemic Snails ss
2007 Asian Intl Stamp Exhibition ss
2011 Rizal 150 Years sheetlet
Philippine Medical Association B/4
Disabled Persons B/4
Jakarta Exhibit ss
Philippine Navy B/4 3pcs
Art 4 sets of pairs
Lingayen Gulf Landing 2 pairs
Liceo de Cagayan University B/6
Smallpox B/4
Phil-Korea sheetlet of 10
Phil-India sheetlet of 10
Cactus ss 6pcs
Philamlife B/11
Phil-China Friendship 4 pairs
Sisters of St. Paul strip of 5
Negros Occidental High School B/6
Rotary sheetlet
LRT B/4 2 sets
Women Empowerment sheetlet
WWF Owl 2 sheetlets yellow background
WWF Owl 2 sheetlets bluekground
WWF Owl 2 sheetlets greenground
WWF Owl 2 sheetlets pinkkground
Phil-Japan Friendship ss 4pcs
Marine Biodiversity sheetlets
Endemic Frogs sheetlets
La Union Botanical Garden sheetlets
Nature Conservation stamps sheetlet 5 strips of 5
Bonsai sheetlet purple background
Bonsai sheetlet orange background
Philippine Customs Service sheetlet of 20
Jesuits ss missing period error & Sampaguita B/8
30c airmail triangle pane of 40
Phil-China Relations ss
Silver Jubilee Boy Scouts perf B/6

Republic used
1966 PNB ss 4pcs

Republic specimens

Republic FDCs
1948 Roxas Mourning 4 diff cachets
1948 FAO
1950 Baguio Conference w/ Carlos P. Romulo signature
1950 Roosevelt set & ss
1954 Asian Games
1957 Girl Scout w/error diff color stamp
1958 UP B/4 2 postal cards cancelled Manila & UP
1958 Bonifacio B/4
1961 Rizal 3 diff cachets
1964 Olympics 3 diff cachets
1971 Tourism 4th series set
1972 Gomburza B/4 2pcs
1974 Guerrero imperf
1974 Central Bank w/G. Licaros signature
1980 Knights of Columbus B/4 2pcs
1980 Rotary strips of 5
1982 Adamson B/4 2pcs
1983 Aquino ss
1983 Marcos & ss FDC
1984 Butterflies 2pcs w/Prof. Julian N. Jumalon (stamp designer) signature
1984 Butterflies 2pcs w/ Chuidian (stamp designer) signature
1984 Our Lady of Holy Rosary w/error diff color stamp
1985 Sumulong short bar B/4
1986 People Power cancelled Crame 2pcs
1987 Mason cancelled Davao, Iloilo, Manila, Cebu City
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1988 Seoul Olympics perf set
1988 Seoul Olympics imperf set
1992 Taiwan Exhibit ovptd ss 2pcs
2001 Paintings set & ss 2pcs

Republic covers
1994 Leyte Landing w/8 diff Leyte cancels
1994 Leyte Landing commemoration cancelled Palo & MacArthur
slogan cover Tuguegarao cancel
slogan cover Baguio cancel
Juan dela Cruz 10th Anniv of Republic FDC

1967 Taal B/4 2 plates & Pinatubo B/4 3 shades FDC
1984 Train set CTO
1985 Tuberculosis Society vert pair, B/4 & FDC w/Don Carlos L. Inductivo signature
1987 Christmas FDC & commercially used FDC
1988 Human Rights 2v sheetlet of 6 & 2pcs FDC sheetlet of 6
1988 Children’s Fund sheetlet of 6 & FDC sheetlet of 6
1988 TB seal + ss
1988 FFC Mla-HK & MacArthur maximum card
1988 CCF FDC, official receipt & recognition letter
1994 Congratulations set mint & FDCs
1998 Centennial postal cards mint set
Errors Holy Year 20c double impression mint w/normal stamp + 1959 30c Cristina Falls perf 12
Pinatubo maxium card Zambales view
Pinatubo maxium card different view
3pcs postal cards all 1944 & 3 diff Victory
Postpex commemorative ovpts set

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Davao del Norte 50th

New Issue alert:


Kind of Issue : Commemorative
Denomination & Quantity : 101,000
Date of Issue : July 01, 2017
Last Day of Sale : June 30, 2018
Size of Stamps : 40mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition : 40 (4 x 10)
Perforation : 14
Printing : Litho Offset (4 colors)
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer : Victorino Z. Serevo
Design : Golden Jubilee logo celebrating the bountiful harvest of Davao Del Norte
[press release added later]

PRESS RELEASE: Duterte unveils Davao del Norte golden jubilee commemorative stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) released new commemorative stamps to mark the 50th founding Anniversary of Davao Del Norte.
President Rodrigo Duterte leads the unveiling of the commemorative stamp during the province’s Golden Jubilee celebration held at the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex in Tagum City last Saturday, July 1, 2017. Assisting the President in the unveiling ceremony are Davao del Norte Governor Anthony Rafael Del Rosario and Postmaster General Joel Otarra.
Dabaonons celebrate the evolution, development, and achievements of the province over the past 50 years. The theme for the Golden Jubilee celebration is: Bulawanong Paghinumdum, Bulawanong Panlantaw” (“Golden Commemoration, Golden Vision”).
The original mother Province of Davao was divided into three (3) provinces, namely: Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur and Davao Oriental by virtue of the bill authorized by then congressman, Hon. Lorenzo S. Sarmiento, Sr., which bill was passed into law and became known as R.A. 4867 dated 8 May 1967. The three provinces simultaneously celebrate their anniversary every 1st of July by virtue of Republic Act No. 6380 in 1971.
Featured in the commemorative stamps are the Golden Jubilee logo and the colorful design celebrating the bountiful harvest of Davao Del Norte.
PHLPost has commissioned Amstar Company Inc. to print 101,000 copies of the commemorative stamps, to be sold at P12 each. The stamps were designed by PhlPost layout artist Victorino Z. Serevo.
The stamps and official first day cover are now available at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Window 04, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

EFO 1951 Peace Fund 18c

Joined N and G in STRENGTH (upper right stamp), dot on lower right frame (lower left stamp)
Period instead of comma after STRENGTH (lower left stamp)
The 18c perf, too, has flaws.