Tuesday, February 28, 2017

EFO 1995 thrift stamp

Color shift right stamp
Color Shift
Color Shift
Color Shift

See the red and blue lines at the left of the flag for the color shift.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

PPC auction February 26

Some 15 bidders participated in today's auction sale of the Philippine Philatelic Club held at the Philpost lobby.

The PPC, recently revived, was first formed in 1937.

More than 400 lots, philatelic and nonphilatelic, were offered. The following were the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
1890-97 2c Alfonso mint 5 diff
1894 2c mint 4 diff shades
1898 P2 strip of 5 cancelled
24 diff mint & used
Revenue stamps 1890-99 8 diff used
Revenue stamps 1894 10 diff
Revenue stamps 1896 8 diff
Papel sellado 1860y1861 2 reales
Papel sellado 1884y1885 25 mils de peso
Papel sellado 1888y1889 5c de peso
Papel sellado 1894y1895 5c de peso

Aguinaldo period
1898-99 B/4 mint

1919 special delivery 20c used 9 diff shades
1928 postage dues set mint
1928 London-Orient Flight set B/8 mint no gum
1931 Regular official issues set of 10 unused
1935 Pictorial 2c-30c MNH 10 values
1938 OB Small Commonwealth error hyphen omitted used
1938 Small Commonwealth B/4 5 values MNH
1941 Rizal green definitive + OB 2 sheets of 100
1941 Moro vinta airmail P1 sheet of 50
1945 Victory issues 2c-P1 10 values
6 diff stamps opvpt Philippines used
USPI stamps used
USPI stamps mint & used
Victory issues B/4 5 values MNH
1917-1941 50 diff mint & used
4c Carabao & Woman 2 sheets of 50

Japanese occupation
1943-44 Regular issue set of 14 unused
1944 Registered cover 5c posted June 1
Postal envelope mint error low overprint
Stamps mint & used
Kalayaan ss used
National Heroes ss mint & used
50 diff mint & used
Gomburza sheets of 20 perf/imperf mint
Old English type special folder for Kalayaan ss
2c regular 2 sheets of 100 cancelled
4c regular 2 sheets of 100 mint
10c regular 2 sheets of 100 mint
16c regular 2 sheets of 100 mint
16c regular 2 sheets of 100 cancelled
25c regular sheet of 94
Baha +16 (100) +36 (93) +40 (99)
Kalayaan 5c perf 2 sheets of 50
Kalayaan 5c imperf 2 sheets of 50
Kalayaan 12c imperf sheet of 49
Laurel set of 3 3 sheets of 50 dark shade
Laurel set of 3 3 sheets of 50 light shade
Food Production 5+1c sheet of 98

Republic mint
1947 Independence set
1947 Ecafe perf & imperf with color variation on 4c imperf
1948 officials set
1949 UPU set
1951 Peace Fund Campaign
1952 Marcelo del Pilar 5c sheet of 100
1952 Marcelo del Pilar 5c OB sheet of 100
1954 Marian Year B/4
1956 WCOTP ovpt B/4
1957 Philippine Assembly B/4
1957 Garcia-Macapagal B/4
1958 Manila Cathedral B/4
1959 Ateneo B/4 set
1959 Boy Scouts set
1959 Capiz Bulacan Bacolod set
1960 surcharges set
1962 Rizal brown 6c 2 sheets of 100 regular + OB
1962 Rizal G.O. offset error B/4
1962 Apolinario Mabini 3c sheet of 100
1963 Folk Dances se-tenant of 4 20 sets in 2 sheets
1964 Olympics imperf pairs set
1965 Kennedy 30s shifted necktie to the left
1967 Lions set
1967 Fall of Bataan set
1970 Shells set
1970 Rizal surcharge B/4 offset error
1970 Mabini surcharge 5s 2 sheets of 50
1972 Scout Conference set
1972 Philatelic Week B/4
1973 Marcela Agoncillo imperf double impression error
1973 Jesus Villamor set
1973 Scouts 15c imperf pane of 50
1976 Montreal Olympics 15s sheet of 50
1980 Rotary 30s sheet of 100
1981 Marcos 40s imperf sheet of 30
1991 El Filibusterismo
1993 Christmas stamp offset error B/4
1993 Fish ss offset error
Basilio Valdez semipostal 15c+5c sheet of 50 imperf
UST set
Rizal at 150
Children’s Museum P1.20 error diff color
Stamp Expo ’89 B/4

Republic FDCs
1954 Stamp Centenary set in 2 pcs
1955 Honoring Labor
1955 Ramon Magsaysay
1956 W C ovpt
1958 Anti-TB semipostal
1959 Manila Pact
1959 Ateneo de Manila
1960 Tuberculosis
1961 15th Anniversary of Republic
1961 Colombo Plan
1970 Pope John
1971 U.P.
1972 Imelda Marcos
1974 surcharge
1984 Trains
1986 Saligang Batas
1987 Philippine Congress
1987 Manila Hotel
1988 surcharge
1988 PCIBank
1988 Luna-Hidalgo
20 diff (1947 postage dues, Folk Arts, Tourism, etc.)
3 diff incl. 1977 Amphilex perf ss
3 diff incl. 10th World Jamboree ss

1949 Flight cover PAL Manila-Tokyo backstamped
1995 Complete pre-paid postcards issued by PO
Revenues pouch of 12 on-documents Science & BIR many diff large type and Manila Bank Time dep. cert. P500 value
Revenues 1959 two IFC checks with docs. + 1960 Consolidated Mines proxy + two 1975 checks w/ rev. & Science stamps
Paper money on FDC 1991 Plenary Council P5 & P1 stamp
Phil. Philatelic Club souvenir cover & red ovpt PPC stamps mint B/4
Slogans Davpex & Lasallephex mint & first days
JapOcc/Victory assorted issues cancelled on piece
Eucharistic Congress & Far Eastern Philatelic Exhibition labels B/4 used
Pre-war 10 diff B/4 MNH
APO 20th anniversary souvenir card w/stamp diff cancels

Philippines with Foreign
36-page stockbook with hundreds of Philippines & worldwide stamps
Box full of bundles Philippines and some world
Stamps Philippine Fishes+Haiti+Yugoslavia 20 porto
Stamps Philippine Flowers+Russia 12 kor+Haiti
Stamps Philippine Birds+Yugoslavia 2 porto+Haiti
Stamps Philippine Parrots+Haiti+Russia 1 kor
Stamps Philippine Cats+Russia 6 kor
Stamps Manila Emblem+Yugoslavia 20 porto+Nicaragua

Saturday, February 25, 2017

missing hyphen

This stamp was described in an auction as a "no hyphen" error.

Under magnification, however, you could barely see the faint hyphen after COMMON that is, if my eyes still don't deceive me!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Baguio exhibit

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost celebrates Flower Festival in Baguio City

In celebration of Baguio City’s prominent Panagbenga Festival, also known as the Flower Festival, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is holding a two-day stamp exhibit at the Baguio City Central Post Office on February 24 to 25, featuring various stamps of flowers issued by the PHLPost through the years.
From the March 9, 1962-issued Philippine Orchids stamp to the most recent September 30, 2016-issued Philippine Orchids stamp, the exhibit displays 45 flower stamps.
Among the featured stamps are six versions of Philippine Orchids stamps issued on different dates, 11 derivatives of Philippine Native Orchids stamps, five versions of Philippine Flowers Mini-Stamps, Cacti and Succulents stamps, Rare Philippine Flowers, Philippine Hoyas, Aquatic Flowers, Philippine Cultivated Mussaendas, Revalued Narra Tree, Flowers of the Philippines, and Philippine Heritage Month-Hybrid Gumamelas stamps.
Stamps commemorating several conventions and celebrating diplomatic relationships between the Philippines and other countries that feature flowers are also found in the exhibit, namely, the 29th Orient and Southeast Asian Lions Forum, Taipei ’93 Asian International Invitational Stamp Exhibition, Cattleyas-Taipei ’96, 50 Years of Philippine-Thailand Diplomatic Relations, 50 Years of Philippine-Korean Diplomatic Relations, Hong Kong 2001 Stamp Exhibition, and Golden Jubilee of the Philippine-Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS).
The stamp featuring the Philippine Flag with National Symbols-Sampaguita is also included in the exhibit, so as the stamps of Paintings of Young Filipino Artists and Fiestas in the Philippines, which have flowers in their designs.
Cory Aquino Floral Paintings scented stamps for Cory Aquino’s fifth and sixth death anniversaries are also to be seen in the exhibit.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

EFO 1991 El Filibusterismo

Broken P1 (various positions) on all three stamps
E of El touches D of DR on rightmost stamp
Here are EFOs of the 1991 El Filibusterismo Centenary issue, as described in each caption.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UPU letter writing contest

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost supports UPU letter-writing competition

In support of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) 46th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) will also host a letter-writing contest in the Philippines.
The PHLPost is encouraging all public and private elementary- and high-school students ages 15 and below from all over the country to participate and submit a letter adhering to the theme “Imagine you are an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General; which issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it?” The letter must not exceed the 1,000-word limit, must be original, unpublished, and must contain the basic elements of a letter—heading, salutation, body of the letter, complimentary close and signature.
On a separate sheet of paper, the participant must indicate the number of words of the letter, complete name, home address, gender of candidate, age, date of birth, name of school, school address, grade or year level, contact number and school contact number (landline, fax, cellphone number). Participants should also attach a colored solo picture of himself or herself for identification.
The entries must be placed in a brown envelope and may only be submitted through Domestic Express Mail Service or Registered Mail. Entries submitted directly or sent through any other couriers shall automatically be disqualified. All entries must be sent through the Post Office and must be addressed to:
UPU 46th International Letter Writing Competition for Young People (2017)
Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division
Philippine Postal Corporation
3/F Central Post Office Building
1000 Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila
PHLPost is accepting entries until March 31. The winning entry will be sent to the UPU as the official entry of the Philippines for a chance to represent the country in the UPU 46th International Letter Writing Competition for Young People (2017). The winning participant shall take home P5,000 and a certificate of recognition, while the school of the winning entry shall receive a PHLPost Philatelic Presentation frame.
For more information, please call Arlene T. Labao, Project Officer of the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division at (02) 527-0108 or (02) 527-0132, or visit our official web site at www.phlpost.gov.ph.

Monday, February 20, 2017

EFO 1991 Boy Scouts Jamboree

Normal Copy
Broken letters/numbers
Broken letters/numbers
Broken letters/numbers
Broken letters/numbers
The broken letters/numbers on these P1 stamps are due to ink overflow of the red background color.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

FSCC auction February 2017

More than 20 floor bidders and a couple of absentee bidders participated in today's auction of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held at the Philpost lobby.

Just before the sale began, Dr. Rey Ong de Jesus, the newly elected president of the Philippine Philatelic Federation, announced the holding of this year's Aseanpex in November at the Mall of Asia. Some 400 frames of philatelic material from 10 participating countries will be exhibited.

Of the 523 lots offered, the following were the Philippine philatelic items:

1899-1903 Philippines overprint 5c used 2 pcs
1926 FDC Legislative stamp A
1926 FDC Legislative stamp B
1926 FDC Legislative stamp C
1926 FDC Legislative stamp D
1926 FDC Legislative stamp E
1927 Cover w/Fondo Benefico Espanol label
1939 Cover Malacanan Palace set
1941 Covers 2 pcs
1945 Victory cover April 16 w/7 stamps very clean
1945 Cover 4c Carabao ovpt Victory
Victory FDC
Registered Victory FDC
20pcs Postal Savings Bank stamps

Japanese occupation
1945 Laurel strip of 5 mint w/selvage
FDCs 2 pcs A
FDCs 2 pcs B
Postal card A
Postal card B

Republic mint
1971 Pope Paul VI set
1977 Amphilex ss perf & imperf
1977 Espamer ss perf & imperf
1981 Pope John Paul II ss
1984 LA Olympics P1.20 value B/18
1984 LA Olympics 5 values w/slight stain
1984 LA Olympics ss perf & imperf
1988 Supreme Court B/4
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1988 City of Bacolod sheetlet
1988 College of Holy Spirit sheetlets 2 pcs
1989 Human Rights Declaration sheetlet
1989 Department of National Defense sheetlet
1989 Supreme Court sheetlet
1992 WWII Corregidor ss
1992 WWII Bataan ss
1992 Year of Rooster ovpt Taipei Exhibit perf ss
1992 Year of Rooster ovpt Taipei Exhibit imperf ss
1992 Chess ss
1994 Clinton State Visit
1994 Filipinos se-tenant strip of 5
1998 Pilipinas ’98 imperf 2nd printing ss
1998 Philippine Cultural High School B/4
1998 National Anthem ss series 6
1999 Battle of San Mateo B/4
2002 Year of Goat perf ss
2002 Year of Goat imperf ss
2003 Rural Banking B/4
2003 NSCM artists
2004 Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce stamps 2 sets
2004 Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce ss
2004 MCCU Hospital corner B/4
2005 Year of Rooster ss
2005 Bureau of Correctional B/4
2005 Year of Dog sheetlet P6 value
2005 Year of Dog sheetlet P17 value
2006 NSCM pastel paintings ss
2006 Xavier School sheetlet
2006 Filipino Legacy in Hawaii ss
2007 Manulife ss
2007 Scouting
Manny Pacquiao ss
National Commission for Filipino Women sheetlet
Lot of Philippine souvenir sheets

Republic specimens
1987 UN 4 strips of 4
1993 National Symbols P3, 1996 P6, 1997 six stamps B/4
1995 End of WWII ms of 16
1995 End of WWII ms of 12 + Events strip of 5
1999 National Heroes P5 P8 P11 P13 P15 B/4
2001 Mallat Drawings P17 P21 P22 B/4
2002 Mallat Drawings P5 P17 P21 P22 B/4
2006 Cats 4v + ss
2006 Marinev Turtles 4v + ss
2006 UN Month gutter pair
2006 Lighthouses 4v + ss
2008 Bonsai 2 sets of 4v
2008 Year of Ox & Ban Ki Moon

Republic FDCs
1951 Zamboanga City 3v Zamboanga City cancel
1951 Harvest imperf pairs 3 pcs
1953 Balagtas & 1962 Diego Silang Centennial
1957-58 President Magsaysay 3 diff
1958 Quezon Institute 16 diff cachets
1960s 44 pcs
1963 400th Christianity in Philippines
1964 Bamboo Organ
1970s 65 pcs
1977 Espamer ss perf
1977 Espamer ss imperf
1978 Capex 2v
1978 Capex ss imperf
1979 Birds 2 pcs
1983 Christmas
1988 Olympic Week 6 pcs imperf pairs
1993 First Asean Scouts Jamboree ss
1994 Export Processing Zone 2 pcs
1995 Papal Visit
2013 Dolphy ss
2014 Filipinas Shell B/4
2014 100 Years of Scouting ss
2015 San Miguel 2 pcs
Kabataang Barangay
Philippines 2000
Lorenzo Ruiz 2 pcs
Assorted Rizaliana

Republic souvenir albums
1958 Gen. Antonio Luna
1964 Tokyo Olympics perf & imperf
1964 Anti-TB semipostals
1964 Mabini Centenary
1965 Christianization
1965 2nd Asian Cycling Championship
1968 Anti-TB semipostals
1969 Melchora Aquino
1969 Jose Rizal College
1969 Sto. Nino de Leyte
1970 Golden Jubilee of Pharmaceutical Association
1972 4th Asian Pacific Congress of Gastroenterology
1972 Development Bank of the Philippines Silver Jubilee
1987 Manila Hotel

Republic covers
1947 Commercial cover Manila-Coron
1958 Rizal green postal card first day cancel Manila Cathedral
1958 Rizal green postal card first day cancel Quezon Institute
1958 Rizal green postal card first day cancel 125th Anniv of Republic & President Garcia
1960 First day of use cover Universal Postal Union cut imperf
1961 Slogan “Ramon Magsaysay Award....” 3 diff
1975 FFC Inter Island Pioneer to Zamboanga City
1983 Slogan cover “Bureau of Posts Anniversary....” Caloocan City
1989 Slogan “Sa Generic....” backstamped Japan
1990 Slogan “Use Your Zip Code....” backstamped Japan
2010 Commem cover Benigno Aquino III 2 pcs
Kabisig covers
Airletter Paskuhan Village cachet P4 Bird

1946 Consoliudated Mines stock certificate w/2 Victory documentary stamps
1959 Capiz FDC, 1963 UN Adoption ss, 1964 Rizal regular & OB
1963 15th Anniversary of Human Rights overprint ss
1963 15th Anniversary of Human Rights overprint ss 100 pcs
1997 Zodiac ss specimen + FDC
1 sheet Philippine Revolution TB seals

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Philippine stockbook

This stockbook was made in the Philippines.

Quite popular among beginners, it was sold in bookstores across the country in the 1970s and 1980s (if I remember rightly).

The pages were either black or white.

Can you find the Philippine stamp illustrated on the cover?