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Philippine Popular Fruits -- Group No. III

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Philippine Popular Fruits – Group No. III

Kind of Issue : Definitive
Denomination & Quantity : P 12 - - - 4,500,000
P 23 - - - 4,500,000
P 28 - - - 3,700,000
Date of Issue : March 29, 2017
Size of Stamps : 25mm x 25mm
Sheet Composition : 100 on
Perforation : 13.5
Printing Process : Litho Offset (4 colors)
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer : Rodine C. Teodoro
Designs : Provided by Philippine Postal Corporation

Philippine Endemic Lizards II

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Kind of Issue : Special
Denomination & Quantity : P12 (4 Designs) - - - 102, 400
Date of Issue : March 27, 2017
Last Day of Sale : March 26, 2018
Size of Stamps : 40mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition : Sheetlet of 16 (Se-tenant Blk/4)
Souvenir Sheet : P 48 - - - 5,000
Size of Souvenir Sheet : 130mm x 75mm
Perforation : 14
Printing Process : Litho Offset (4 colors)
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Printing Co., Inc.
Designer : Victorino Z. Serevo
Contributors : Dr. Arvin C. Diesmos, Ph.D.
                    Scientist III
                    In-charge, Herpetology Sec.
                    Zoology Div.
                    National Museum of the Philippines,
                    Mla. and
                    Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, M.Sc.
                    Asst. Professor
                    Dept, of Biological Sciences

EFO 1964 semipostal brown

On this 1964 semipostal of the 30+5s value, the red Lorraine Cross is shifted downward, touching the brown.

Also shifted to the left but not touching the brown.

Not listed in the IPPS EFO catalog.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

EFO 1981 Rizal Monument

There are two varieties on this 1981 Rizal Monument corner block of four: A ring flaw on the lower left stamp (above the letters AL of RIZAL), and a broken right frameline on the upper right stamp.

Not listed in Ngo's specialized catalog.

Click on the image for a better look!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

tropical fruits

PRESS RELEASE: Tropical fruits found in PH postage stamps

Beat the heat this summer and try some of the most popular and refreshing fruits common in the Philippines. The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) issued two sets of colorful definitive stamps featuring Philippine popular fruits that are cultivated and abundant in different parts of the country.
Here are some of the images of popular fruits in the Philippines presented in postage stamps.
The Egg Fruit (Pouteriacampechiana) or commonly known as chesa or “Tiessa” in the vernacular, is a yellowish and pulpy fruit that looks like a boiled egg yolk. PHLPost has printed 3,300,000 pieces of the Egg Fruit stamps valued at P1 peso each.
The wild sweetsop (Rolliniadeliciosa) is a specie of flowering plant in the custard-apple family. It is cultivated for its edible fruits, commonly known as “biriba” or wild sugar apple. PHLPost has printed 3,300,000 pieces of the P3 - peso denomination of the stamps.
The Philippine wildraspberry (Rubusrosifolius) or Sapinit which is endemic to province of Quezon, Laguna, Palawan and some parts of Mindanao. The fruit has a bright red-orange color with a distinct bitter-sour-sweet taste and a hairy receptacle. PHLPost has printed 6,250,000 of the P5 peso denomination of stamps.
The dragon fruit (Hylocereusundatus) refers to fruit of the genus Hylocereus. It has red-skinned fruit with white flesh or sometimes reddish in color. It is known as a cleansing fruit and carries many health benefits. PHLPost has printed 900,000 copies of the Dragon fruit stamps which are being sold at P100 pesos each.
PHLPost also issued Pomelo stamps which have a sweet, mild taste and a very thick rind inside of the pale green or yellow exterior. The postal service printed 3,300,000 of the P14 denomination of Pomelo stamps.
Calamansi (Citrofortunellamitis) is a tropical lime native to Southeast Asia. It is cultivated for its edible but incredibly sour fruit. Calamansi is packed with ascorbic acid or vitamin C. PHLPost has printed 3,300,000 copies of the P17 Calamansi stamps.
Another famous fruit found in the Philippines is the Tamarind which is a delicious, sweet fruit that has a wide variety of uses and applications, both for medicinal and culinary purposes. PHLPost has printed 3,800,000 copies of the Tamarind stamps which can be bought at P55 each.
Designed by PHLPost graphic artist Rodine Teodoro, the stamps and official first day cover are now available at the Post Shop, Manila Central Post in Liwasang Bonifacio and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Philippine Popular Fruits – Group No. II

New Issue alert:

Philippine Popular Fruits – Group No. II

Kind of Issue : Definitive
Denomination & Quantity : P 14 - - - 3,300,000
P 17 - - - 3,300,000
P 55 - - - 3,800,000
Date of Issue : March 21, 2017
Size of Stamps :25mm x 25mm
Sheet Composition : 100on
Perforation : 13.5
Printing Process: Litho Offset (4 colors) 
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer :Rodine C. Teodoro
Designs:Provided by Philippine Postal 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

PPC auction March 26

Some 30 bidders participated in the auction sale of the Philippine Philatelic Club held today at the Philpost lobby.

Of the 323 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots (mostly philatelic), the following were the Philippine philatelic items (excluding late lots not listed in the initially released catalog): 

Spanish era
1864 imperf set used/mint
1880-86 Alfonso 4 diff mint
1882 miscut error
1890 Alfonso 4 diff shades mint
1898 Alfonso 1m-5m mint
1898 Alfonso 20c strip of 5 Iloilo cancel
Amadeo stamp
4 diff perf imperf
16 diff stamps mint used
Revenue stamps 1898 6 diff mint

Aguinaldo period
Two B/4 stamps perf imperf

1926 Legislative 4c official B/4
1936 Arnacal 16c green & blue green B/6s
1936 Commonwealth set B/4s mint
Small Commonwealth 2c off center pair
Victory 2 postal cards MacArthur cachet
Victory revenue Marriage License completed 1955
Victory set on postal card cancelled Cebu + special delivery stamp on postal card, both w/close IC variety
Victory documentary stamps 7 diff

Japanese occupation
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf set
1943 FDC Kalayaan cancelled Daet
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf set w/flag cachet
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf/imperf 2 pcs
25c Definitive torn dress variety B/6 unused
5c+1c Food Production slanting frame variety B/12
Postal cards w/Kalayaan issue perf/imperf 2 pcs
Assorted stamps

Republic mint
1946 Rizal booklet pane + cover of booklet
1948 MacArthur set
1951 Bangus B/4 set
1952 Lopez-Jaena P2 pair w/plate no.
1953 & 2003 Medical Association issues
1955 Red Cross B/4 set
1957 Leyte imperf single & B/8
1963 Emilio Jacinto P1 two B/4s
1966 PNB ss 4pcs
1968 Concordia College B/4 set
1969 Aguinaldo B/4 set
1969 Unicef 20c sheet of 50
1970 Butterfly airmail 40c sheet of 50
1971 Pope Paul Visit B/4 set
1972 Olympics B/4 set
1972 Red Cross 20c pane of 50
1974 World Population imperf B/4 set
1976 UST B/4 set
1978 Agoo Church B/4 set
1979 Flowers set
1980 Knights of Columbus B/4 set
1980 MacArthur ss
1982 SSS 40s pane of 50
1983 Ministry of Labor B/4 set
1984 Espana ss perf/imperf
1984 L.A. Games ss imperf
1984 Trains set
1986 Orchids set
1986 People Power set 1st printing
1988 Children’s Fund sheetlet of 6
1988 PCIBank/Landbank se-tenant strip + P1 Scuba imperf
1988 Human Rights sheetlet of 12
1988 Supreme Court sheetlet + 1989 National Defense sheetlet
1988 Supreme Court sheetlet of 6 w/color guide
1988 PLDT & Bacolod City sheetlets
1989 Maritime & General Santos City sheetlets
1995 WWII 2 sheetlets
1995 Liberation strip of 5 2 sets
1996 Marine Fishes ss set
1996 Aquarium Fishes Aseanpex ‘96
1997 Cocks set
1999 Year of the Dragon set
2000 Year of the Snake set
2004 1st Philippine Stamps ss
2010 Manansala sheetlet of 8
Heroes definitives 18 diff
Heroes definitives perf imperf
Emilio Aguinaldo 6c two blocks
Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial sheet
100 Years Kalayaan 2 sets strip of 3
P1 Proudly Philippine Made 14 singles + 3 singles Osmena credo
P5 Marcos fibered paper & nonfibered paper
5 sets Barangay imperf, Sukarno, Liberty Well, Roosevelt, etc
5 sets Iligan Steel, Bataan, Girl Scout, Spoliarium, Osmena
8 diff sets
10 diff sets

Republic used
1948 FAO set
Pouch with on/off-paper commems 400+

Republic specimens
3 sets Teodoro,  Aurora Quezon, ZIP  Code

Republic FDCs
1946 Independence 3pcs
1948 MacArthur on postal cards
1967 Battle of Bataan
1967 Battle of Bataan (diff cachet)
1972 Fruits
1972 Jars
1976 Virgin of Antipolo
1981 Pope John ss
1982 Manila Film Festival cancelled PICC
1983 Red Cross cancelled PICC
1984 Ateneo de Manila
1987 UN strip of 5 imperf
1987 UN
1992 Golden Arowana ss
1995 Pope John cancelled Iloilo
Basic Petroleum
Apolinario Mabini 150 years
Felix Manalo Centennial
8 diff
10 diff
12 diff

Republic covers
1948 OB stamp on 2 postal cards w/shifted OB on 10c
1948 Magellan’s Landing slogan w/FAO stamps
1954 Slogan covers Asian Games 3 dates
1957 Magsaysay commercial cover to Spain
1958 Flight cover to Washington DC
1979 FFC Manila-Peking backstamped
1979 FFC on Rizal red postal card Manila-Canton backstamped
Rizal postal cards 10 diff
Embossed envelopes 4 diff

1961 Rizal Cipex ss mint & used c+ Kennedy ss
1968 Kennedy Family ss mint
1968 Kennedy 1c 2c 3c
1977 30c Credit B/4 mint + FDC
1986 Cory oath-taking maximum card
National Anthem ss No. 3 + FDC
Rizaliana cover collection 74pcs
1946 Independence P1 fund drive stamp tied to cover cancelled July 4, 1996
Japanese occupation & Victory assorted issues cancelled on piece
Cover Rhapsody in Philately by Pablo Esperidion
Proof 2002 Negros Occidental High School on large paper black color missing
Charity medical seal 1988 map of Tondo sheet
Republic old revenue stamps
Republic documentary stamp 2c B/4

collector's auction sale

Today the DeAntonni Hobby Cafe in Quezon City will hold an auction sale.

Of the 500 lots listed, mostly coins and banknotes, the following were the Philippine philatelic items:

Spanish era
2c Recargo de Consumos
Papel Sellado 1888 y 1899 5 c de peso
Papel Sellado 1890 y 1891 5 c de peso

1937 Cover Inauguration of Cebu City
Rizal & Arms of Manila definitives ovpt OB
Rizal ovpt OB pane of 30 mint
Far Eastern Games set in pairs mint

1946-47 OB specimen ovpt in red and black
1947 FDC 12c definitive
1948 Cover  87th Birth Anniversary of Rizal
1951 Cover Invest in Peace Fund Drive
1952 Cover Solidaridad
1952 FDC Lions
1953 FDC Cover International Fair
1958 FDC Manila Cathedral
1958 FDC Bonifacio
1981 Pope John Paul II set mint
1984 Olympics B /4
2001 BPI commem stamps & postcard mint
2011 FDC Beatification of John Paul II 2pcs

Saturday, March 25, 2017

slogan cancel 3

The slogan cancellation on this stamp was used on mail posted from August 5 to November 5 in 1941.

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EFO 1951 Peace Fund 5c C

Flaws on L and S of PHILIPPINES
Flaws on second I and second P of PHILIPPINES
Flaw on bottom frameline
Flaw on second P of PHILIPPINES
And more printing flaws!

Monday, March 20, 2017

EFO 1951 Peace Fund 5c B

Flaw on left frameline
Flaws on upper left corner of framelines and third I of PHILIPPINES
More printing flaws...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

FSCC auction March 2017

Some 40 bidders had fun today at the auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held at the Philpost lobby.

I had a good harvest of used Philippine stamps in this sale!

It was announced that the next FSCC auction will be held on the fourth Sunday of April as the third week falls on Easter Sunday.

There were 540 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots offered. The following were the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
Papel Sellado 1890-91 25c de peso Headboard w/serial number & seal offset error
Papel Sellado 1888-89 Old Man With Child
Papel Sellado 1890-91 Lady With Mirror And Guitar
Papel Sellado 1896-97 Two Children (some tear)
Papel Sellado 1898-99 Lady With Sword And Scale
Tarjeta Postal 1898-99 1c mint
Tarjeta Postal 1898-99 2c mint (torn corner)
Tarjeta Postal 1898-99 5m mint (torn corner)
Derechos de Firma un peso B/4 mint NG
Derechos de Firma 20c de peso B/4 mint NH OG

1916 cover w/2c Rizal green stamp
1926 2c Legislative 2nd day cancel
1926 FDC Legislative stamp A
1926 FDC Legislative stamp B
1926 FDC Legislative stamp C
1926 FDC Legislative stamp D
1926 FDC Legislative stamp E
1927 cover w/Fondo Benefico Espanol label
Victory FDC
Postal cards 7 diff with Close IC variety
Commonwealth slogan covers 5 diff
Small album of USPI/Commonweath stamps

Japanese occupation
1943 FDC Kalayaan set Catbalogan cancel
FDC 2 pcs A
FDC 2 pcs B
Postal card A
Postal card B
Cover w/censor

Republic mint
1949 Human Rights ss
1960 Tokyo Olympics set
1960 Constitution 2 sets & 2002 World Meeting of Families
1981 Rizal Monument definitive B/4
1989 National Science sheetlet
1991 Asia Pacific Jamboree ss
1991 Philippine Eagle set
1995 Asean Environment Year ss
1996 National Anthem part 4
1997 Intl Year of the Reef ss
1997 Year of the Tiger perf ss
1998 Emilio Jacinto definitive B/4
1998 Melchora Aquino definitive B/4
1998 Philippine Centennial Independence booklet
1998 Flowers blue background
1999 Senate B/4
2001 HK Stamp Exhibition pawikan ss
2003 Blas Ople B/4
2003 Corals ss
2003 Our Lady of Piat sheetlet
2004 Zodiac 1st part ss
2004 Bonsai ss Singapore Exhibit ovpt
2004 1st Philippine Postage Stamp strip of 4
2005 Year of the Rooster ss
2005 Asean Games B/6
2005 Intl Year of Eucharist ss
2005 State Visit of President Hu Jintao ss
2005 Endemic Land Snails sheetlet 4 sets
2006 Chan Cy Association sheetlet 4 sets
2007 Scouting ss
2009 Year of the Ox ss
2009 Minerals ss
2009 Ateneo de Manila set
2010 Grace Christian College ss
2011 Crocodile sheetlet 4 sets
2013 Park of a Nation pair
Cats ss
Naphilcon ovpt on Corals ss
One lot mint stamps FV P1,800
One lot of mint souvenir sheets

Republic used
Commems etc on 40-page clear book
Commems & defins Heroes etc on 40-page clear book
One lot used stamps

Republic specimens
1995 & 1996 Pasko 8v
1999 Pasko set & ss
2000 commems 8pcs
2000 Pasko set + Jubilee Year
2006 Xavier School ss
2006 Pastel Paintings 4v ss
2008 University of the Philippines B/4 4 diff
2008 Conquering Mt. Everest 3v + ss
2008 Tourism Destinations 7 diff
2008 Year of the Ox & Ban Ki Moon
Cattleya set + ss
Fil-Am War Battles 5 diff

Republic FDCs
1947 3v pairs
1957 First Philippine Assembly
1964 Olympics set 5 diff cachets
1964 Negros Oriental TB Pavilion set 15 diff cachets
1978 Dogs and Cats set
1984 Ausipex perf ss
1984 Ausipex imperf ss
1984 Trains set
1984 Ships set
1984 LA Olympics set perf
1984 Espana ss
1986 La Salle set with ss
1987 Christmas set
1987 Congress cachet error
1987 Congress cachet error diff from above
1988 Olympics set perf
1993 Basic Petroleum & Mining Inc.
1993 World Law Conference 4v
1994 UN set
1994 Dentistry set
1995 Liberation of UST Interment Camp
2011 UST Unending Grace 4v
Lorenzo Ruiz 2pcs
Assorted Rizaliana

Republic souvenir albums
1959 Honoring the Flag
1959 anti-TB semipostal
1960 anti-TB semipostal
1964 Land Reform Program
1968 Musical Instruments
1969 Jose Panganiban

Republic covers
1946 May 28 2c Rizal B/4 10pcs
1947 Ecafe imperf pair set Cebu cancel
1958 FFC Manila-Cebu PAL Viscount
1960 FFC Manila-Bangkok KLM
1975 FFC Manila-Romblon Inter-Island Pioneer
1975 FFC Manila-Marawi Inter-Island Pioneer Airmail Exhibition
1976 FFC Manila-Aparri
1979 FFC Manila-Davao
1986 slogan cover Promoting Fil-Am Friendship w/signature
2010 commemorative cover Cory Aquino
2010 commemorative cover Benigno Aquino

1969 airpost letter sheet 60s mint
1972 airpost letter sheet 80s mint
1973 airpost letter sheet P1.20 mint
1975 airpost letter sheet P1.20 mint
1981 airpost letter sheet P2.15 mint
1990 Pasko set + FDC
1991 Pasko set + FDC
Souvenir folder 1972 Christmas first day cancel
Labuyo post card Philippine Stamp Exhibit Taipei mint
Prestige souvenir leather folder album 1988 Toribio Teodoro With Plaque
Green postal card first day cancel 1958 Quezon Institute set
Green postal card first day cancel 1959 Philippine Flag set
Postal card specimen St. Luke’s Medical Center
Philpost envelopes St. Stephen & People Power
Album of 1991 mint stamps/ss + 33 FDCs
USPI/JapOcc assorted stamps mint used
1970 TB seals 1 sheet
1973 TB seals B/16