Monday, October 31, 2016

EFO 1946 Rizal Martyrdom

Normal Copy
Overprint shifted down
Overprint shifted downward and to the left
The IPPS EFO catalog lists 5 shifted overprints for this issue, as follows:

downwards and to the right
downwards and to the left
upwards and to the left

It notes the following: "Shifts of overprints occur in various degrees".

Sunday, October 30, 2016

EFO 1971 Manila 400th

Shifted Color/s

Is it the red shifted to the right or the blue to the left, or both, on this P1 commemorative?

It's not listed in the IPPS EFO catalog.
Normal Copy

Saturday, October 29, 2016

EFO 1951 Peace Fund 18c

Normal Copy
Broken H in STRENGTH
A variety to look for in the 18c value of the Peace Fund Campaign issue of 1951 is the one-legged aitch in STRENGTH.

Found this EFO last October 8.

It's unlisted in the IPPS EFO catalog.

Friday, October 28, 2016

EFO 1971 Nayong Pilipino

There's a shifted color in the EFO shown above. Note the green shadows to the right, evident on Mount Mayon and elsewhere.

This was unrecorded in the IPPS EFO catalog.

My EFO discovery last October 8.

Normal Copy

Thursday, October 27, 2016

EFO 1953 Quirino-Sukarno

Blue and red shifted downward

Two colors, blue and red, are shifted downward on this 5c value of the Quirino-Sukarno State Visits issue of 1953.

The EFO was unrecorded in the IPPS EFO Catalog.

This was one of my EFO discoveries back in the 1990s.
 Normal Copy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ring flaw 3

No, the tiny ball on the right of A in SIPA is not the rattan ball used by the sipa player but a ring flaw.

This is the 75s value of a se-tenant block of four issued as square diamonds in 1978.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Philacon '91 souvenir program

The souvenir program of the First National Philatelic Convention (Philacon '91) with No. 723 of the exhibition sheet on its front page cancelled with a Philatelic Week 1991 issue.

On the first page is detailed information about the souvenir program (1,000 copies) and exhibition sheet (5,000 copies).

The second page contains a message from Eliseo R. Cabangon, chairman of the Philacon '91 Ad Hoc Committee (and president of the Quezon City Philatelic Society). Some excerpts: "It was this love of stamps that prompted several leading stamp clubs in the country to meet in Manila in the afternoon of January 27, 1991, and they jointly conceived the idea of a national stamp convention. Thus was born PHILACON '91..." which "aims to foster interest in stamp collecting among youths and adults, to teach beginners the basics of the hobby, to enhance the philatelic knowledge of advanced collectors, and to encourage the formation of stamp clubs in schools and among out-of-school youths."

Pages 4 and 5 itemize the program of activities.

On Day 1 (November 27), the morning activities were the usual opening ceremonies, and the afternoon activities were lectures (followed by an open forum) and visual shows as follows:

Philately, A Fascinating Hobby by Mandy Labayen, UP professor 
      and Manila Times [philatelic] columnist
Postage Stamp History and Philippine Philately by Frank Luto, 
      Philippines Daily Star [philatelic] columnist
The Video Guide to Stamp Collecting, first viewing
Philippine Postal History slide presentation

On Day 2 (November 28), there were more lectures followed by an open forum in the morning, as follows:

Identifying Stamps
Competitive Stamp Exhibition by Raymond See, assistant business 
      manager of the International Philippine Philatelic Society
Organizing a Stamp Club among the Youths by Alfredo Principe, 
      executive director of QCPS

For the afternoon activities, a lecture-workshop with an open forum followed by the second viewing of the video were held. The former, on The Basics of Stamp Collecting, were conducted by three QCPS governors: Rogelio Tuazon, Estanislao Caldez Jr. and Reynaldo Laurio.

On Day 3 (November 29), before the closing ceremonies held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., there was a lecture on Auction, A Vital Component of Philately followed by an open forum, and two actual auctions: first for junior collectors with Ysmael E. A. Inductivo, secretary of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club, as auctioneer, and second was the IPPS International Auction with Abraham Luspo as auctioneer.

Other convention activities were the following:

1. Raffles held "several times a day for three days".
2. A noncompetitive exhibit mounted by participating clubs.
3. Club lounge for "those who wish to buy copies of the exhibition sheet and the souvenir program or to apply for membership to any of the participating stamp clubs" (listed on Page 6).
4. "PHILACON '91 grand auction" at the home of Carlos Inductivo, PHILACON '91 vice-chairman and president of the PPAC, on December 1.

Pages 7 and 8 listed sponsors and donors.

I wasn't there. Were you?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cebu exhibit

These show covers for the Cebu Provincial Jamborette Philatelic Exhibition are cancelled in five places: the Exhibition Hall, Mandaue City, Toledo City, Lapu Lapu City, and Danao City.

All are signed by one person (who?).

The event was held on November 5-8, 1986.

What was the Cebu City Collectors Club?

Sunday, October 23, 2016


A signed cover for CEPEX '87 held at the USIS Lincoln Center in Cebu City.

Are the signatures that of officials of the United States Information Service?

CEPEX was an annual exhibit of the Cebu Philatelic Society held every November. 

Anyone knows if it still is a current activity of the club?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

PPAC private overprints

Aside from Postpex '82 souvenir cards, the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club also came out with privately overprinted stamps for its 5th year anniversary in 1982.

These came with additional printing on the selvage reading "Stamp Collecting is Fun and Gains" and were overprinted on the 1935 Woman & Carabao issue.

Friday, October 21, 2016

POSTPEX '82 souvenir card cancelled

Here's a POSTPEX '82 large souvenir card cancelled with a 40s stamp.

The October 9, 1982 slogan cancellation was applied at the Manila Central Post Office.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Philippine Airlines 75th

New Issue alert:

Philippine Airlines 75 “ The Heart 0f The Filipino”

Kind of Issue : Commemorative
Denomination & Quantity : P 12.00 – 101,000
Date of Issue : October 19, 2016
Last Day of Sale : October 18, 2017
Size of Stamps : 40mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition : 40 On (4 x 10)
Perforation : 14
Printing Process : Litho - Offset (4 colors)
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer : Rodine C. Teodoro
Design Coordinator : Marla Manundo – Corporate Communications Department,
Philippine Airlines
Design : Philippine Airlines flying over the map of the world.

[press release added later]

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost releases Philippine Airlines commemorative stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) launches the Philippine Airlines 75th Anniversary Commemorative Stamps featuring the new and inspiring slogan “The heart of the Filipino”.

Philippine Airlines, a trade name of PAL Holdings, Inc., historically is the nation’s flag carrier. It is the first commercial airline in Asia and the oldest of those currently in operation, with a long and distinguished record in the aviation industry.

The Airline was founded on February 1941 by a group of businessmen led by Andres Soriano, one of the country's leading industrialists.

The Philippine Airlines 75th anniversary commemorative stamps feature’s the flag carrier flying over the map of the world. According to the new slogan, “from the beauty of the Philippines to the warmth of its people, Philippine Airlines embodies the generous, the resilient, the Beautiful Heart that is uniquely Filipino”.

PHLPost commissioned security printer Amstar Co. to print 101,000 copies of the stamps, to be sold at P12 each. The stamps were designed by PHLPost graphic artist Rodine Teodoro, based on the photo provided by Marla Manundo of PAL.

The stamps and official first day cover are available at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 219, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

[Here's the media release of Philippine Airlines]

November 8, 2016
Postage stamp celebrates PAL's 75th anniversary
A commemorative postage stamp marking Philippine Airlines' 75th anniversary was presented by the Philippine Postal Corporation to PAL Chairman Dr. Lucio C. Tan and PAL President Jaime J. Bautista in a ceremony last November 8 at the Villamor Airbase Grandstand, Pasay City.
The stamp features PAL's flagship aircraft – the Boeing 777-300ER – soaring over a world map as well as the Philippine map.
It reflects PAL's role of flying Filipinos to the far corners of the globe and back home, as well as linking the islands of a nation.
The design by the Philippine Postal Corporation also shows the flag carrier's current mandate – to be a showcase of the best of the Philippines to the world. Many associate Philippine Airlines to the Philippines while the Philippines is best represented by Philippine Airlines.
The stamp's unveiling was a key sidelight of PAL's public presentation of its seventh B777.
"Despite today's electronic age of emails, chats and private messages, the postage stamp refuses to be relegated to the postal service archives," said Mr. Bautista.
"They remain relevant because stamps contain messages of a certain time, certain place, person, event or era. They are rich in historical significance ... and appreciated particularly by philatelists," he added.
The Philippine Postal Corp. first issued the PAL stamp last Oct. 19.
The stamp captures a significant milestone in the history of Asia's first airline. That milestone is made known to peoples of distant lands where mails and parcels using the stamp are delivered.
For the last 75 years, PAL had caused the issuance of commemorative stamps to mark historic occasions.

Philtrust Bank

New Issue alert:

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost launches commemorative stamps to mark Philtrust bank 100 years

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) will issue stamps to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary (100 years) of Philtrust Bank, known as the Philippine Trust Company, one of the oldest private universal banks in the Philippines.

The stamp features the iconic fa├žade and the corner domed tower of the Philtrust Bank Building in Binondo, Manila which was the earliest known Art Nouveau structure and one of the district’s most distinct landmarks.

The first institution to engage in the trust business under Philippine law, Philtrust started its operations on October 21, 1916 at the corner of Muelle del Banco Nacional and Calle T. Pinpin in Escolta Manila.

The bank was established in recognition to the increasing need for trust services such as guardianships (guardianships of deceased veterans’ children), receiverships, assignee ships, and custodianships of wills and states.

At present, its head office is located along UN Avenue in Manila, and has 56 branches all over the country, continuously serving the banking needs of the people.

PHLPost has printed 101,000 copies of the stamps, to be sold at P12 each. The layout of the stamps was done by in-house graphic artist Victorino Z. Serevo.
The stamps and official first day cover are now available at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

POSTPEX '82 souvenir cards

Two types of POSTPEX '82 souvenir cards issued by the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club on the occasion of its 5th year anniversary.

The P5 card is inscribed "Issued with the cooperation of..." and the P4 card doesn't have that inscription, but both illustrate "The First Stamp of each era of Philippine Philately, 1854 thru 1946.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EFO 1973 surcharge to the right

This time it's the black surcharge that's shifted to the right, causing the right half of the ess to appear on the margin of the stamp.

In my November 23, 2015, post it was the red Stop Smuggling overprint that was shifted to the right.

This was my EFO discovery last September 25 and it's unrecorded in the IPPS EFO catalog.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hong Kong '94

On February 18, 1994, a set of two stamps and two souvenir sheets were released for the HONG KONG '94 Stamp Exhibition.

Shown above is the official first day cover for the two-stamp set.

The Philippines promoted this event philatelically as did many other countries.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

FSCC auction October 2016

Rainy weather due to a tropical storm didn't prevent more than 20 bidders from showing up at the auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held today at the Philpost lobby.

There was a total of 528 lots for philatelists, numismatists, deltiologists, notaphilists, scripophiles and other collectors.

The following were the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
P1 Baby Alfonso used
P2 Baby Alfonso used
Assorted stamps
Revenue 15c de peso mint strip of 4
Revenue 60c de peso mint strip of 4
Revenue P1 & P5 Alfonso Binondo cancel
Revenue P10 Alfonso Binondo cancel

Revolutionary period
Red & blue stamps

1917 cover Manila to Narvacan inverted DEC
1930s Commonwealth ovpt 8v used
Assorted stamps mint/used
1935 30 pcs 2c envelope mint
1935 30 pcs 4c envelope mint
1936 cover Manila to Davao part slogan
1939 cover First Airmail Exhibition (toned)
Victory FDC
9 pcs 4c envelope mint

Japanese occupation
KAPARIZ tied w/Burgos Mabini 2 diff Rizal B/4
FDC 2 pcs A
FDC 2 pcs B

RP mint
1967 Corregidor set
1969 Cultural Center of the Philippines B/4
1977 Amphilex ss
1979 Mussaendas
1984 LA Olympics perf
1985 Virgin Mary singles + B/4
1988 Seoul Olympics imperf pairs
1990 Flowers two B/4s
1991 Boy Scouts three B/4s
1991 SEA Games
1991 1st Philacon ss
1992 Chess Olympiad ss
1992 Year of the Rooster perf ss
1992 Year of the Rooster imperf ss
1992 Barcelona Olympics + ss
1993 Aquarium Fishes overprinted Bangkok ss
1993 Philippine Orchids overprinted Taipei ss
1995 Endemic Mammals II ss
1995 Jars overprinted Jakarta ss
1995 Year of the Rat ss
1995 Philippine Horses ss
1996 Atlanta Olympics pane of 20
1996 Centennial Olympics pane of 20
1996 National Anthem Series 4 ss
1996 Portraits of Rizal sheetlet
1996 Works of Rizal sheetlet
1996 Eagles set
1997 Year of the Tiger perf ss
1998 Century of Friendship
1999 Philippine Orchids set & ss
2004 Christmas
2005 Philippine Shells
2005 Philippine Shells ss
2005 Philippine Snails ss
2005 Philippine Shells sheetlet (yellow) 4 sets
2005 Philippine Shells sheetlet (green) 4 sets
2007 Cebu Philatelic Society B/4
2007 Bureau of Fisheries ss
2007 Wild Ducks ss
2009 Philippine minerals ss
2013 Fish Conservation Week
WWF Animals sheetlet
Rizal Monument B/4
Marcos ss 3 diff
Sets A
Sets B
Sets C
Definitives perf/imperf surcharge ovptd
Sets perf/imperf

RP specimens
1985 Nazareno & Quiapo Church
1985 1st Trans-Pacific Airmail Service
1985 Marian Year
1985 Romualdez 2v B/4
1985 Trans-Pacific 2v B/4
1986 Ameripex 2v B/4
1986 People Power + ss
1986 Ninoy Aquino + ss
1987 Types of 1986 8v
1999 Endemic Philippine Frogs MS of 16 + ss
2002 World Circumnavigation MS of 16 + ss
2006 Cats of the World MS of 16 + ss

RP used
Modern stamps over 100 pcs

1946 Inauguration set
1946 Independence
1948 Roxas memorial 2 pcs
1949 semipostals Davao cancel
1949 semipostals Basco cancel
1950 ovpts set of 2
1958 University of the Philippines
1958 Manila Cathedral 4 diff cachets VF
1959 Philippine Flag
1964 Bamboo Organ VF
1965 Thailand’s King Visit 3 diff cachets
1978 CAPEX ss perf imperf
1979 Scoutpex w/ ss long envelope
1981 Marcos Oathtaking 2 pcs A
1981 Marcos Oathtaking 2 pcs B
1981 Marcos Oathtaking 2 pcs C
1981 Marcos Oathtaking 2 pcs D
1983 Science Week
1984 Parrots 2 pcs
1984 Ausipex ss perf imperf
1988 Commission on Human Rights
1991 1st Philacon 2 pcs
1992 Rare & Endangered Philippine Birds
1992 Freshwater Aquarium Fishes
1996 Aseanpex 8 pcs
2015 UP College of Dentistry
Tercentenary of Nuestra Senora dela Porta 2 pcs
8 diff 1980s
85 pcs 1990s

RP covers
1958 FD cancelled 12th Anniversary of RP on green Rizal postal card
1979 Scoutpex 10 diff dates
1988 slogan cancel GMA Arts...Makati cancel

RP souvenir albums
1962 Pres. Macapagal Oathtaking
1966 Rotary Club of Makati
John F. Kennedy memorial

1984 Ausipex mint + FDC
1984 Jesuits surcharged ss + ss FDC
1992 Philippine Postal Museum & Philatelic Library FDC + ss
1992 Philippine Stamp Exhibition Taipei 2 FDCs + ss
1992 Rare & Endangered Birds FDC + stamps
1992 Expo 2 FDCs + ss
Manila Jockey Club 2 FDCs + ss
Bilingual greetings stamps + FDC + B/8
One album of 1996 stamps + ss
One album of 1997 specimen stamps + ss
Lot of Philippine stamps + ss
Lot of Philippine covers + return registry receipt
Souvenir folder First Filipino Lady Physician
USPI/JapOcc assorted stamps 135 pcs mint used
One sheet Science stamps
1985 Christmas seals rouletted
1985 Christmas seals imperforate
One sheet Philippine Revolution TB seals