Friday, April 29, 2016

PNB comprint

The circular commercial overprint (which I shortened to comprint) of the Philippine National Bank on two of the USPI series of definitives.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Philippine Fiestas 1

New Issue alert:

1st Quarter Topical Issue featuring: Philippine Fiestas

The 1st Quarter Topical Issue featuring: Philippine Fiestas Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting April 27, 2016 at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

[press release added later]

PRESS RELEASE: Filipino Fiesta comes alive in PHLPost postage stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) releases stamps to highlight the grandest celebration of Filipino Fiesta popularly celebrated in every town and province all over the country.
Fiesta in the Philippines is part of the Filipino culture. Activities are being held in churches, usually a feast in honor of its patron saint, where people are gathered to celebrate with a street parade, procession and other colorful festivities which attract people from all walks of life to visit the town or barrio.
Traditionally, it is a sort of merrymaking and thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and to ensure good life ahead.
The comic-style postage stamps features four (4) different colorful illustrations of popular Filipino Fiestas such as the Sinulog Festival which is celebrated every 3rd week of January in Cebu City. This Philippine fiesta in Visayas region celebrates Cebu's patron saint, the Santo Niño (Child Christ). This week-long event is marked by processions, street dancing and parades.
The second is the Panagbenga, a month-long annual flower festival occurring in the summer capital of Baguio. The festival, held during the month of February, was created as a tribute to the city’s flowers and as a way to rise up from the devastation of the 1990 Luzon earthquake. The festival also includes street dancing, presented by dancers clad in flower-inspired costumes, inspired by the Bendian, an Ibaloi dance that came from the Cordillera region. The festival includes floats that are decorated with flowers.
The third, is the Pahiyas which is being held every 15th of May. Farm families give thanks to San Isidro Labrador for a good harvest by decorating their houses with brightly colored rice wafers called kiping.
The fourth stamp display the Higantes (giant) Festival. From November 22 to 23 in Angono, Rizal, male devotees carry the image of San Clemente in a procession that features the “pahadores”, clad in colorful garb and wooden shoes, carrying boat paddles and higantes (giants) 10 feet tall papier mache puppets.
PHLPost commissioned security printer Amstar Co. to print 101,000 copies of the stamps, to be sold at P15 each. The stamps were designed by PhlPost creative Artist Rodine Teodoro.
The Fiestas in the Philippines stamps and official first day cover are now available at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

second pictorials

The second pictorials, issued in 1935, shows the following:

2c Rizal
4c "Woman and Carabao"
6c allegory of a Filipina
8c Pearl Fishing
10c Fort Santiago
12c the Salinas Salt Springs
16c Magellan's Landing
20c "Juan dela Cruz"
26c Rice Terraces
30c a Blood Compact
P1 the Barasoain Church
P2 a scene from the Battle of Manila Bay
P4 Montalban Gorge
P5 George Washington on horseback.

Why Washington? I don't know!

Monday, April 25, 2016

first sports topical

The first Philippine stamps to feature a sports topical was the set of three issued in 1934 for the 10th Far Eastern Championship Games.

For the 2c value, baseball is shown. This, also, is the first Philippine "baseball on stamp" and the first "baseball on stamp" in the world (beating that of the United States issue which came out for the centennial of baseball in 1939).

The 6c value features a tennis player. This is the first Philippine "tennis on stamp". Look at the outfit!

And the 16c value shows two basketball players (to me they look more like volleyball players!) and this is the first Philippine "basketball on stamps" as well as reportedly the first "basketball on stamps" in the world.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Arms of Manila

The only arms (official symbol) to be depicted as the central motif of design on a Philippine stamp issued during the American administration was that of the Arms of Manila.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

foreign cancel?

This cancellation doesn't look like a Spanish-Philippine postmark.

Do you know what is it?

Friday, April 22, 2016


The engraved JULIA (spot it, if you can) on the King Alfonso II stamp (above) and the King Alfonso XIII stamp (below) is the name of the engraver -- Eugenio Julia Jover.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

first pictorials

Issued in1932, this set, known as the first pictorials, features Mayon Volcano, the Manila Post Office, Pier No. 7, Rice Planting, Rice Terraces, the Baguio Zigzag, and "Pagsanjan Falls" (which I posted earlier).

These also were the first Philippine stamps to depict pineapples, part of the Manila Bay, ships, the carabao, and farmers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

first building


The first Philippine stamp depicting an identified building is that of the Palace of the Legislature issue of 1926 in seven values: 2c (green & black), 4c (carmine & black), 16c (olive green & black), 18c (light brown & black), 20c (orange & black), 24c (gray & black), and P1 (rose lilac & black).

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Dr. Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay, executive director of the National Research Council of the Philippines --

Excerpt --

"From their travels, she collected coins and bills which she put together in an album. She was also into stamp collecting. Sadly, later that year, Yolanda made her landfall and took away their travel pictures, her coin and stamp collection and everything else including their laptops, cars, and refrigerator."

Sunday, April 17, 2016

FSCC auction April 2016

More than 20 bidders participated in today's auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held at the Philpost lobby.

Some lots from the total of 532 were withdrawn from sale before the auction began. As usual there were philatelic and nonphilatelic items.

Some interesting lots include the following:

1958 Pres. Carlos P. Garcia autograph on FDC
1985 Amitypex cancelled 6 diff. cities
11 pcs. USPI/RP labels & seals

Seen during the afternoon sale was Hans Becker, editor of the Philippine Philatelic Journal.

Overheard: Philippines will host an Asean philatelic exhibition next year!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

false falls

This stamp pictures the Pagsanjan Falls.

True or false?

(Answer: False.)
It pictures Vernal Falls in the United States.

Friday, April 15, 2016


The S in FILIPINAS looks rather stylish, unlike the S on the CORREOS of the overprint.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Australia '99

Australia '99 World Stamp Expo, a philatelic exhibition held at Melbourne from March 19 to 24, attracted some 100,000 visitors.

The Philippines issued an overprinted souvenir sheet for this event.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shell stamps

In 2014, PHLPost issued Shell commemorative stamps which "set a number of firsts in local philatelic history."

Here's an excerpt:

"The Shell stamps are the first to make use of gold foil hot stamping, as well as tactile sand varnished on the pecten and Shell centennial logos, lending distinctive texture and adding to the unique experience of handling the stamps. Likewise, its special size measures 50mm by 30.5mm, which is bigger than ordinary stamps."