Sunday, October 18, 2015

FSCC October 2015 auction

Despite rains and winds brought by a typhoon, about 20 bidders, including a couple of new faces, attended the auction held today by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club at the Philpost lobby.

The auction catalog listed a total of 534 lots, but a consignor didn't manage to show up, so the total was considerably less. As usual the lots consisted of both philatelic and nonphilatelic collectibles.

Pictured here is a pamphlet about "Easy Ways to Start Collecting Stamps" given to me at the auction. This pamphlet is one of the freebies during the Postal Heritage Walking Tour organized by the club (tour was cancelled today owing to the typhoon).

The contents answer such questions as Where Do I Find Stamps, How Do I Get Used Stamps Off The Envelope, How Do I Take Care Of Stamps, Where Do I Get My Album Pages, and How Do I Mount My Stamps. It also has notes about used stamps, stamp trading, stamp clubs, pen pals, where to buy stamps, and basic don'ts of stamp collecting. 

It definitely merits our approval!

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