Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EFO 1988 Red Cross P1

Color Shift
Brown shifted to the right
Normal Copy
Color shifts of the International Red Cross and Red Crerscent Movement commemorative of 1988.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

FSCC auction May 2017

Close to 30 bidders participated in the auction sale of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club held today at the Philpost lobby.

Of the 510 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots listed, the following were the Philippine philatelic lots:
Spanish era
1888-89 papel sellado Old Man With Child
1890-91 papel sellado Lady With Mirror & Guitar
1896-97 papel sellado Two Children
1898-99 papel sellado Lady With Sword & Scale

1926 FFC Aparri-Manila
1926 FDC w/8c Madrid Manila
1927 FFC Manila-Iloilo
1928 FFC Manila-Aparri
1928 FFC Aparri-Manila
1935 slogan cover Manila-Davao
1935 40pcs 2c mint long envelopes
1935 10pcs 4c mint long envelopes
Victory FDC

Japanese occupation
1943 postal card 2nd Anniv of Greater East Asia War
1943 FDC April 1 w/censor mark
1944 Heroes ss 5pcs
FDC 2pcs A
FDC 2pcs B
FDC 2pcs C

Republic mint
1949 Libraries set
1963 UN ss 100pcs
1965 Christianization ss 40pcs
1969 Musical Instruments
1972 Tokyo Olympics
1972 Flags sheet of 50
1977 Espamer ss perf
1981 Pope 90s sheet of 20
1984 Ausipex imperf ss [slight stain]
1984 LA Olympics ss perf red stars
1985 Horses ss
1988 Seoul Olympics
1991 Asia Pacific Jamboree ss
1991 Basketball Centennial ss
1991 Pasko
1992 Katipunan Centennial
1992 Nuestra Senora Soledad B/4
1993 Philippine Corals ss
1993 Year of the Cock ss
1995 Endemic Mammals ss
1996 National Anthem ss Part 4
1997 Fighting Rooster (small ss)
1997 Fighting Rooster (big ss)
1998 Pasig River B/4
2000 Insects B/4 2x
2001 Boxer Codex B/4 + ss
2002 NSCM
2003 Language Development ss 3x
2004 1st Philippine Postage Stamps ss
2004 Philippine Owls (Giant Scope Owl) ss
2004 Tomas Cloma B/4
2004 World Philately Championship ovpt on Bonsai ss
2005 Lighthouses ss
2005 Butterfly error
2005 Philippine Shells ss
2005 Eucharistic Congress ss
2006 Year of the Pig
2006 Marine Turtle
2007 Bureau of Fisheries ss
2008 Pigeons 10 diff B/10
2013 Marine Biology ss
2013 Marine Biology ss ovptd Thailand Exhibit
Jesuits ss
Philippine Olympic Week
Basketball Centennial
First greetings stamps
Freshwater Aquarium Fishes
Usaffe Induction
Francisco Baltazar, QI, Mushrooms
Bengzon error B/4
Aquino handstamp surcharges 10v set
Definitives 7v

Republic specimens
1995 UN B/4 + ss
1996 Unicef set + ss
1996 Modern Olympic Games set + ss
1997 NSCM  B/4 + ss
1998 NSCM B/4 + ss
1998 Flowers B/4 2 sheetleets + ss
1998 Century of Friendship 3 strips + ss
1998 Marine Biodiversity 4v
2001 Thomasites, 4 schools & universities 6pcs
2001 Lopez, Ortega, Makati, Court, etc 6pcs
2001-03 Manaoag, Caysasay, etc 6pcs
2005 Lighthouses 4v
2005 GMA Oathtaking 2v
2005 Butterflies 10v
2005 & 2006 Butterflies B/4 8v
2006 Butterflies B/4 various issues 52pcs
2006 Butterflies 10v
2006 Butterflies B/4 8v
2006 Year of the Dog B/4
2007 Butterflies 10v
2007 Birds and Eagle 6v
2007 ss 4v SSS
2008 Birds 5v
2008 Pigeons 10v B/10
2008 Parrots and Eagles 6v

Republic FDCs
1961 La Salle College set
1963 Quezon B/6
1967 Chiang Kai Shek Visit set
1968 Christianization set & ss 2pcs
1970s 36pcs
1978 Flowers set
1980s 34pcs
1980 Library Conference set
1982 Christmas set
1988 Land Bank sheetlet of 6 2pcs
1995 Asean Environment + 1989 Philatelic Week
1995 Pope cancelled Iloilo
Marcos Oathtaking 2pcs A
Marcos Oathtaking 2pcs B
10 diff

Republic souvenir albums
1957 Juan Luna
1967 Taal Volcano [bonus 2,000 RP stamps]
1972 Nurses

Republic covers
1949 slogan cover 2c red Rizal Victory
1950s postal cards 20pcs
1958 FFC PAL Viscount Manila-Cebu backstamped
1959 slogan cover 75th Birthday of Liberator
1968 FFC Manila-Tokyo
1975 FFC 11pcs
1977 airletter mint used
1980 airletter surcharged
12 diff
Rizal postal card slogan cancel

1984 Train set CTO
1985 special souvenir program album National Bible Week
1987 TB seals FDC 5 progressive colors
1988 Children’s Fund sheetlet of 6 + FDC sheetlet of 6
1992 Labuyo post card Phil. Stamp Exhibit Taipei mint
1997 Zodiac stamps ss specimen + FDC
Maphilindo unused B/10
Album of Span-Phil USPI Commonwealth JapOcc stamps

BCC auction May 21

There are 20 lots listed under "Stamps and Covers" in today's auction sale of the Bayanihan Collectors Club to be held at the Ortigas Foundation Library.

Of these, the following are the Philippine items:

Philippines 1952-60 17 different blocks of 4 Red Cross, Girl Scout, mounted on pages

Philippines 1890-1945 old collection of few hundreds Spanish, prewar stamps arranged in 1   stockbook, some in blocks or strips, mint and used

JapOcc 1943 Kalayaan souvenir sheet used

1898 Spanish-Philippines revenue stamps 13 values

Philippines, American Occupation 20 cents special delivery w/
  “commonwealth” ovpt, mint, multiple 

Philippines, Japanese Occupation 16 cents Magellan, mint

Philippines 3 different Jose Rizal Centenary 1961 FDC

Saturday, May 20, 2017

EFO 1988 Bacolod

Black shifted to the right (see eyes and antennae of shrimps)
Normal Copy
Black shifted downward (see eyes and antennae of shrimps)
Color shifts on this 1988 stamp marking the 50th charter anniversary of Bacolod City.

Friday, May 19, 2017

EFO 1988 Philatelic Week

Dark Brown
Light Brown, red spot on back of woman at left
Color Shift
Brown shades, a litho flaw, and color shift.