Friday, October 9, 2015

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5th PPAC Foundation Day

Postage Stamp Day which falls on the 9th of October is also the foundation day of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club.

The PPAC, being the co-sponsor of the Postage Stamp Day Philatelic Exhibition 1982, calls all its members and all philatelists to support the affair.

POSTPEX '82 will go along the lines of general Philippine philately. However, some worthwhile foreign postage stamps are expected to be included in the exhibition.

Participating philatelists will have to fill up a minimum of four frames of six album pages per frame to be registered in the exhibition. All participants will be recipients of Certificates of Participation. PPAC members interested in joining the stamp exhibition should see Nenita Urmaneta or Tony Mendoza....

A tentative program of the PPAC includes a merienda for members and guests to be held at the Stamps and Philatelic Section, main building of the Bureau of Posts. Information on specific time and other details regarding the celebration will be relayed to the members as soon as plans are finalized.

On a recent meeting of the PPAC Board of Directors, different committees were formed to spearhead the celebration....

...All other PPAC members are asked to serve as members of a committee of their choice. All are expected to support this affair in any way they can.

[Source: The Philippine Philatelic Auction Clipper, April-June 1982]

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