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Stamp Clubs News

The Educational Committee of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club, organized to promote philately among beginners of all ages, has been holding a series of lectures at the Bureau of Posts Bldg., Manila, for this purpose.
     Lecturer last March 15 was Mr. Epi Paras, former President of the APO Philatelic Society and current President of the Bayanihan Coin Club. His topic was General Philately which offered handy tips on many aspects of the hobby. Over 50 tyro-philatelists came.
     Topic for the May 3 lecture was Approaches to Topical Stamp Collecting which was handled by philatelic writer Mandy Labayen. Over 70 new collectors came, including some children. Several stamp dealers were also invited to sell beginners' materials before the lecture.
     The next meeting is scheduled for June. As usual, the general public is invited....
A philatelic milestone was recently made by the International Philippine Philatelic Society with the publication of its official organ devoted entirely to the cataloguing of Errors, Freaks and Oddities among RP stamps, 1946 to 1979.
     The 88-page catalog is profusely illustrated. Many of the items here are merely interesting freaks and oddities. However, there are many major errors too -- missing colors and perfs, inverted and double overprints, etc. Many of these will be listed in the forthcoming Stanley Gibbons Catalog.
     The IPPS EFO Catalog is given free to all IPPS members who will also have priority in the purchase of extra copies. It is not yet determined whether there will be any copies left for nonmembers.
Orchids are due tireless compilers Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, Mario Que and Linda Stanfield (IPPS Editor-in-Chief)....
A stamp club "for stamp collectors who cannot attend club meetings but want to enjoy all the benefits of a stamp club" was launched last January 31. This is Philippine Stamp Collectors. To-date, the club counts 64 members from all over the country. It is sponsored by Spenders Philippine Stamps.
     PSC members receive Hobby Time as their official club organ with a newsletter supplement on club activities, membership news, on-going services, bargains, etc., for members only. Membership in the PSC is still open at P25.00 a year....
The Philatelic Philippines Exchange Guild has recently come out with the 2nd Quarter 1981 issue of PALS, its international list of hobbyists and friend-seekers. The publication lists several dozen members in 20 countries with their complete address, particulars and wants. Most are stamp collectors looking for stamp exchange partners. Some are looking for romance and their lifetime partners.
     PALS also contains interesting articles and ads of other hobby-correspondence clubs from all over the world....
[Source: Hobby Time, February-May 1981]

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