Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Postage Stamp Day Celebration

The Bureau of Posts as lead sponsor and the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club (PPAC) as co-sponsor will hold a non-competitive stamp exhibition at the lobby of the Manila Central Post Office on October 9 and 10, 1982. The affair will commemorate Postage Stamp Day which falls on the 9th of October.

Mrs. Natalia Golez, wife of the Postmaster General, will cut the ceremonial ribbon on the opening day of the exhibition, 9:30 in the morning.

To go with the celebration, the Bureau of Posts is planning to come out with a Postal Slogan Cancellation with the text "Stamp Collecting is fun and gain". This is slated to be used at the Manila main post office starting Sept. 9 up to October 10, the last day of the exhibition....

...The PPAC, as co-sponsor of the affair, has more plans to go with the celebration. The club plans to issue a souvenir card. It is slated for sale a month before the celebration, the tentative date of which is the 9th of September.

Plans are likewise being finalized by the club on the issuance of a souvenir sheet which will feature the first six stamps of each era of our history. These are the Spanish, US Administration, Philippine Commonwealth, Japanese Occupation and the present Republic.

Proceeds from the sales of the souvenir cards and souvenir sheets will be used to help finance the exhibition.

It was likewise announced by the publisher of the NU Stamp Album that pages for the souvenir card and the souvenir sheet will be printed off the press on the slated date of the affair.

[Source: The Philippine Philatelic Auction Clipper, April-June 1982]

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