Saturday, October 31, 2015

local stamps catalog

Scott's Standard Catalogue of Local Stamps of the United States, China and Philippine Islands was published in 1915 by the Scott Stamp & Coin Co.

With illustrations, it lists stamps "Issued by the Republic under Aguinaldo" for Luzon and Bohol, in the Philippine section.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tempo Oct. 30 feature

"Writing letters is not outdated" is featured in Alamin Kay Kuya Kim in today's online issue of Tempo.

This is about the 3rd Annual National Letter Writing Day held last October 9.

back then 6

Stamp Clubs News

The International Philippine Philatelic Society...was recently host to Taiwan-based member Ray Coughlin, who was in the country for a visit. His children will be studying here. The IPPS is the internationally recognized society for specialists in Philippine philately and postal history.
The Philatelic Club of the Philippines...held an auction/meeting  last August 2 at the New World Restaurant in Binondo, Manila, with some two dozen members attending. Organized over 20 years ago as the Filipino-Chinese Philatelic Club, current PCP officers are Benny So (President) and Co Bian Bian (Vice President).
Philippine Stamp Collectors...observed its sixth month of existence in July with over 70 members from all over the country with a little less than half in Metro Manila. Hobby Time has been adopted by PSC as its official organ with a supplementary newsletter for members only. PSC membership is still open.
The Education Committee of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club...has postponed its scheduled showing of films on the U.N. Postal Administration and its stamps. Regular PPAC auction is set for September 27 at the APPU Conference Room, 3rd floor, Bureau of Posts Bldg., Manila. Meanwhile, the 1982 edition of the PPAC Catalog of RP issues (up to May 1981) has been prepared for printing by Linda Stanfield and Tony So.
The second quarter issue of PALS, the international penpals publication of Philatelic Philippines Exchange Guild...has come out with the names and particulars (hobbies, interests, etc.) of over 60 members in 24 countries. A copy is available at P2.00, postage included. Membership is still open.
[Source: Hobby Time, June-July 1981]

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PNB Centennial stamp design contest

Extended until October 30, 2015.

Philatelic Week 1984

Nowhere on the se-tenant stamps does it say that this was issued for 1984 Philatelic Week but the first day cover says so. 

The stamps honor Mario Que for winning a FIP Gold Award at AUSIPEX '84, the first Philippine exhibitor to win such award, for his Spanish Philippines exhibit.

FIP stands for Federation Internationale de Philatelie (spelled with diacritical marks on the two ees of the first word and the second e of the third), the international philatelic organization founded on June 18, 1926, which is based in Switzerland.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Philatelic Week 1983

The 1983 Philatelic Week issue is a se-tenant strip of five stamps showing steps in preparing used stamps for the album: to wit, cutting stamps from an envelope, sorting the on-paper stamps, soaking the stamps in a bowl of water, affixing hinges to the stamps, and mounting the stamps on album pages.

Hold on a sec, where's the drying part after the soaking?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

back then 5

Stamp Clubs News

The Educational Committee of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club, organized to promote philately among beginners of all ages, has been holding a series of lectures at the Bureau of Posts Bldg., Manila, for this purpose.
     Lecturer last March 15 was Mr. Epi Paras, former President of the APO Philatelic Society and current President of the Bayanihan Coin Club. His topic was General Philately which offered handy tips on many aspects of the hobby. Over 50 tyro-philatelists came.
     Topic for the May 3 lecture was Approaches to Topical Stamp Collecting which was handled by philatelic writer Mandy Labayen. Over 70 new collectors came, including some children. Several stamp dealers were also invited to sell beginners' materials before the lecture.
     The next meeting is scheduled for June. As usual, the general public is invited....
A philatelic milestone was recently made by the International Philippine Philatelic Society with the publication of its official organ devoted entirely to the cataloguing of Errors, Freaks and Oddities among RP stamps, 1946 to 1979.
     The 88-page catalog is profusely illustrated. Many of the items here are merely interesting freaks and oddities. However, there are many major errors too -- missing colors and perfs, inverted and double overprints, etc. Many of these will be listed in the forthcoming Stanley Gibbons Catalog.
     The IPPS EFO Catalog is given free to all IPPS members who will also have priority in the purchase of extra copies. It is not yet determined whether there will be any copies left for nonmembers.
Orchids are due tireless compilers Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, Mario Que and Linda Stanfield (IPPS Editor-in-Chief)....
A stamp club "for stamp collectors who cannot attend club meetings but want to enjoy all the benefits of a stamp club" was launched last January 31. This is Philippine Stamp Collectors. To-date, the club counts 64 members from all over the country. It is sponsored by Spenders Philippine Stamps.
     PSC members receive Hobby Time as their official club organ with a newsletter supplement on club activities, membership news, on-going services, bargains, etc., for members only. Membership in the PSC is still open at P25.00 a year....
The Philatelic Philippines Exchange Guild has recently come out with the 2nd Quarter 1981 issue of PALS, its international list of hobbyists and friend-seekers. The publication lists several dozen members in 20 countries with their complete address, particulars and wants. Most are stamp collectors looking for stamp exchange partners. Some are looking for romance and their lifetime partners.
     PALS also contains interesting articles and ads of other hobby-correspondence clubs from all over the world....
[Source: Hobby Time, February-May 1981]

Monday, October 26, 2015

Manila Stamp Co.

Did you know that the Manila Stamp Co. of Yu Sio Chong (d. 1994) was also a cachetmaker?

You'll know by the MSC mark printed, in small caps, usually below the cachet of first day covers of the 1940s and 1950s.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

PPC October 2015 auction

The auction catalog of the Philippine Philatelic Club for October 25 (distributed last Sunday) lists 411 lots, of which 84 are philatelic (most are coins, medals and banknotes).

The PPC was reorganized again last year, after being inactive for some two decades.

*On auction day a new list was distributed, with additional pages for advertisements and more lots, now totalling 503 (but there were also additional lots that were unlisted, furthering the total to a little more than 550). Additional lots included stamps, coins and other collectible items.

The new list also included the names of the club officers, namely Fernando "Boy" Francisco Jr. (president), Winthrop "Willie" Espanol (vice president), Thomas "Tembol" De Guzman Jr. (secretary), Rogelio "Roger" Quistol (treasurer), Eduardo "Ed" Chua Jr. (auditor), and Datu Alex G. Panombalayan (PRO). Adviser is Peter Sy.

Some 20 bidders came to this sale.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cotabato PO reopening

This cover was described in an auction held some 15 years ago as marking the reopening of Cotabato post office on August 13, 1945, with "wavy lines cancel plus m/s name and date, censored in Davao and signed by postmaster."

Cotabato is quite a distance from Davao.
Why the censor mark in Davao?

Friday, October 23, 2015

APO jubilee

Pretty the color combinations of this four-stamp set marking the jubilee of the APO Philatelic Society...and fascinating the cachets on these two official first day covers!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

new Spanish-Philippines book

A new book has been announced today on the website of the International Philippine Philatelic Society.

Titled Spanish Philippine Postal Issues - Genuine Surcharge Types of 1881-1888: Illustrated Guide, the authors are Don Peterson, Nigel Gooding and Thomas Lera.

Salamat Po

A nationwide letter writing project for elementary pupils and high school students.

back then 4

Stamp Clubs News

The Stamp Club of de la Salle University Grade School, Manila, is busy preparing for a competitive exhibition to open on Feb. 23.             According to club moderator Rene Aquino, there will be two categories: one for members in Grades 3, 4 & 5, and another for those in Grades 6 and 7.
      Each participant is limited to one frame of 6 quadrille pages. There will be 3 prizes for each category plus a Grand Award and a special trophy for the best RP entry.
Due to registration requirements, the new stamp club announced here earlier [Philippine Stamp Club] will be officially called "Philippine Stamp Collectors" (PSC). It remains a club "for stamp collectors who cannot attend club meetings but want to enjoy all the benefits of a stamp club."
      Formal launching date is Jan. 31, 1981 with Spenders Philippine Stamps as sponsor. Membership fee is P25 per annum....
The Philippine Philatelic Auction Club organized an Educational Committee under Naty "Mommy" Lozano and Josie T. Cura to promote philately among beginners of all ages. A series of lectures on the basics of philately has been scheduled.
      The first meeting was held last Jan. 25 with over 50 guests attending. Speaker was PPAC founder Severino N. Luna. Next meeting will be on March 15 with Atty. Epi Paras as lecturer....
The APO Philatelic Society lost the Editor of APOSTAMPS, its newsletter, when Dion Taeza left for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a few months ago....
[Source: Hobby Time, December 1980-January 1981]

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Afran Stamp Company 2

Did you know that the Afran in Afran Stamp Company stands for the name of its owner Antonio Franco?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


V-PEX, the Victory Philatelic Exhibition, was held at Manila from October 20 to 22, 1945.

Yes, sir, philately was alive before, during and after the Second World War.

This exhibit, reported to be the first after the Japanese occupation, was held by the Philippine Philatelic Club to commemorate the first anniversary of the Leyte D-Day, the landing of American troops on that island.

The postal card and cover shown above were cancelled on October 20, 1945, the first day of the exhibition, which was held at the Arias Building. Both also have the official commemorative cachet handstamped in black.

These are not difficult to find, even after 70 years!

Monday, October 19, 2015

back then 3

Stamp Clubs News

According to Rene Aquino, moderator of the de la Salle (Taft) Grade School Stamp Club, his boys are already preparing for an exhibit scheduled for February 1981. The club counts over a hundred members and meets twice a week.
Down in Alabang, the de la Salle South Grade School has also organized a stamp club with some 50 boys and girls as its first members. The moderator is Miss Gloria Pante. Last Oct. 23 and 24, she led her members in viewing the UN Photo-Philatelic Exhibit at the Bureau of Posts.
In Iloilo, the Central Philippine University stamp club had the philatelic limelight from Nov. 17 to 23. It was the CPU's 75th anniversary and the Bureau of Posts marked the event with a set of stamps -- with first day of issue simultaneously in Iloilo and Manila
          For its part, the CPU stamp club held a non-competitive stamp exhibit -- one of those rare philatelic events outside Metro Manila. This was organized in cooperation with the Stamp & Philatelic Section which sent a whole delegation to Iloilo. It was headed by the Philatelic Chief himself, Mr. Ben Moncayo.
The CMLI Philatelic and Numismatic Club had an afternoon auction last Nov. 9. Although attendance was lower than expected because it coincided with the NCEE, the bids were enthusiastic according to auctioneer Boy Inductivo.
          The club will hold another auction during its Christmas Party on the afternoon of Dec. 21. According to Ruby Peria, club PRO, prospective members may come to the party.
The APO Philatelic Society formally opened its 30th Philatelic Exhibition (APOPEX) last Nov. 21. Apparently, this was not a competitive exhibit since the names of all exhibitors were displayed along with their entries. Among them were Joel Salazar, Dennis Maturan and APO Prexy Ben Aromin.
          An APO Grand Auction was also held last Nov. 30 with Tony Mendoza heading the committee and Mr. Salazar as auctioneer. For its holiday celebration, the APO has scheduled a "Fellowship Luncheon" at the Tradewinds Hotel for Dec. 6.
The Philippine Philatelic Auction Club will hold its Christmas Party on Dec. 14 at the Army & Navy Club by the Luneta. As always, an auction full of choice local and foreign materials will follow the luncheon. The next PPAC auction after this will be on the last Sunday of February.
[Source: Hobby Time, October-November 1980]

Sunday, October 18, 2015

FSCC October 2015 auction

Despite rains and winds brought by a typhoon, about 20 bidders, including a couple of new faces, attended the auction held today by the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club at the Philpost lobby.

The auction catalog listed a total of 534 lots, but a consignor didn't manage to show up, so the total was considerably less. As usual the lots consisted of both philatelic and nonphilatelic collectibles.

Pictured here is a pamphlet about "Easy Ways to Start Collecting Stamps" given to me at the auction. This pamphlet is one of the freebies during the Postal Heritage Walking Tour organized by the club (tour was cancelled today owing to the typhoon).

The contents answer such questions as Where Do I Find Stamps, How Do I Get Used Stamps Off The Envelope, How Do I Take Care Of Stamps, Where Do I Get My Album Pages, and How Do I Mount My Stamps. It also has notes about used stamps, stamp trading, stamp clubs, pen pals, where to buy stamps, and basic don'ts of stamp collecting. 

It definitely merits our approval!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

philatelic radio program

A radio program for philately?

Yes, sir, there was in 1949 a "Philatelic Literary Musical Aircast" over DzFM every Friday at 5 p.m. and every Saturday at 6:45 p.m. 

This slogan cancel was used by the Stamp and Philatelic Division of the Bureau of Posts in Manila. The illustration caricatures an announcer on a microphone. 

I wonder how long the program lasted and what the content was.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Metro Manila stamp clubs in 1980 is a list of active Metro Manila clubs.

APO Philatelic Society...on its 30th year; for amateurs.
Philatelic Philippines Exchange Guild...for correspondence                               between hobbyists worldwide.
International Philippine Philatelic Society...for specialists in                             Philippine stamps and postal history.
Philippine Philatelic Auction Club...auctions held monthly.
CMLI Philatelic and Numismatic Club...for collectors aged 9                            to 21.

[CMLI is Children's Museum and Library, Inc.]

Some Metro Manila grade schools have active stamp clubs. Among these are Ateneo de Manila University, under Mrs. A. Baterna; de la Salle University (Taft), under Mr. R. Aquino; Philippine Normal College, under Mrs. N. Jaramillo; La Salle-Alabang, under Ms. Pante; and Maryknoll College.

There used to be active clubs in Don Bosco-Makati, St. Joseph's, and Far Eastern University. Also one at Ramon AvanceƱa High School.

[Source: Hobby Time, August-September 1980]

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Manuel Conde

New Issue alert:

Manuel Conde Birth Centenary: National Artist for Cinema

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost releases Manuel Conde Birth Centenary commemorative stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has released its latest commemorative stamps featuring the birth centenary of National Artist for Cinema Manuel Conde (1915-2015).

"PHLPost pays tribute to the birth centenary of National Artist for Cinema Manuel Conde and his contribution to the preservation and promotion of the arts in our country and to the world”, Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz said.

Conde was born Manuel Urbano, grew up and studied in Daet, Camarines Norte.

In his biography posted in the NCAA website, Manuel Conde has more than forty films created from 1940 to 1963, and has contributed to a great degree in the indigenization of the cinema. He specifically assigned a history and culture of its own, revitalizing folk culture with urgent issues, and applies fresh themes and new techniques through his films among others.
His major works includes Ibong Adarna (1941), the satiric character, Juan Tamad (1947), Siete Infantes de Lara (1950), Genghis Khan (1950), Ikaw Kasi! (1955) Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (1959).

These movies opened the vistas of the Filipino film to other cultures; they also unlocked the doors of western cinema to the Filipino film, allowing its entry into one of the most prestigious film festivals of the globe. Later, when these films were bought by foreign distributors, they were exhibited in all parts of the cinematic world of the time, establishing the presence of the Filipino cinema in the eyes of that world.

The special commemorative stamp will be sold at P10.00 each and about 65,000 copies were printed by Amstar Company, Inc. measuring 40X30mm.

The stamps and official first day cover are now available at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Philatelic Week 1977

The 1977 Philatelic Week issue is an overprint.

Hey, wait a minute, that's the same stamp-tong-clasping-a-magnifying-glass cachet as that of the 1971 Philatelic Week issue!

The only difference this time on this first day cover is the color -- now printed in blue rather than green.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Philatelic Week 1971

Well, the surcharged Regidor stamps were also issued on the same day, so why not put them all together with the overprinted 1971 Philatelic Week stamp.

But, of course, first day covers for each issue were also made.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Apec stamp

New issue alert:

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2015

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2015 Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting October 12, 2015 at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

A news story about this new issue appeared yesterday in The Philippine Star:

press release added on Nov. 6 (note change in design)

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost to issue APEC 2015 special stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) will issue a special stamp featuring the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Meeting that the country will host this month.
The APEC stamp can be purchased starting Tuesday, November 10 and will be available at PhlPost until November 09 next year or until supply lasts.
PHLPost creative artist Rodine Teodoro prepared the stamp, which features the official APEC logo and the words “APEC PHILIPPINES 2015”, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, can be seen on the stamp. The theme: “Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World” were inscribed on the first day cover envelope.
About 101,000 copies of the APEC stamp were printed by security printer Amstar Company, Inc. to be sold at P30 each.
Foreign and local collectors are expected to buy the stamps, measuring 25X50mm.
The APEC was founded in November 1989 with Philippines as one of the pioneer member economy. It is a multilateral organization that seeks to foster trade and economic prosperity among its members in the Asia-Pacific region.
The country will host the APEC meetings on Nov. 18 and 19 in Manila.
The stamps and official first day cover shall be available starting November 10 at the Post Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and area post offices nationwide. For inquiries, please call 527-01-08 or 527-01-32.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

fiscal stamps catalog

A very good reference for revenue philately of the American period and Japanese occupation is the illustrated and priced Fiscal Stamps of the Philippines: A Catalogue 1898 to 1946 The Warren Update by Douglas K. Lehmann and Donn Lueck.

This was published by the International Philippine Philatelic Society as the June 1993 edition of IPPS NEWSletter.

Warren refers to Arnold H. Warren, well-known for his research on Philippine revenue issues.

In black and white, the stamps are listed chronologically by classification of usages, such as documentary, cattle registration, customs, and a whole lot more.

Bought my copy by mail from the IPPS bookstore in the 1990s.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

collect stamps slogan

Imagine if all people in the Philippines did collect stamps and organized stamp clubs in their communities...


This slogan cancel was used from April 16 to May 15, 1948.

Friday, October 9, 2015

back then 2

5th PPAC Foundation Day

Postage Stamp Day which falls on the 9th of October is also the foundation day of the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club.

The PPAC, being the co-sponsor of the Postage Stamp Day Philatelic Exhibition 1982, calls all its members and all philatelists to support the affair.

POSTPEX '82 will go along the lines of general Philippine philately. However, some worthwhile foreign postage stamps are expected to be included in the exhibition.

Participating philatelists will have to fill up a minimum of four frames of six album pages per frame to be registered in the exhibition. All participants will be recipients of Certificates of Participation. PPAC members interested in joining the stamp exhibition should see Nenita Urmaneta or Tony Mendoza....

A tentative program of the PPAC includes a merienda for members and guests to be held at the Stamps and Philatelic Section, main building of the Bureau of Posts. Information on specific time and other details regarding the celebration will be relayed to the members as soon as plans are finalized.

On a recent meeting of the PPAC Board of Directors, different committees were formed to spearhead the celebration....

...All other PPAC members are asked to serve as members of a committee of their choice. All are expected to support this affair in any way they can.

[Source: The Philippine Philatelic Auction Clipper, April-June 1982]

Thursday, October 8, 2015

World Post Day 2015

Here's a Manila Bulletin news story about this year's World Post Day, celebrated annually since 1969 --
It says in part:

"On World Post Day, 192 UPU member-countries, including the Philippines, introduce or promote new products and services, organize philatelic exhibits, issue new stamps and special souvenirs, hold open house at post offices, mail centers, and postal museums, and reward postal employees for good service. The Philippines joined the UPU on January 1, 1922."

back then 1

Postage Stamp Day Celebration

The Bureau of Posts as lead sponsor and the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club (PPAC) as co-sponsor will hold a non-competitive stamp exhibition at the lobby of the Manila Central Post Office on October 9 and 10, 1982. The affair will commemorate Postage Stamp Day which falls on the 9th of October.

Mrs. Natalia Golez, wife of the Postmaster General, will cut the ceremonial ribbon on the opening day of the exhibition, 9:30 in the morning.

To go with the celebration, the Bureau of Posts is planning to come out with a Postal Slogan Cancellation with the text "Stamp Collecting is fun and gain". This is slated to be used at the Manila main post office starting Sept. 9 up to October 10, the last day of the exhibition....

...The PPAC, as co-sponsor of the affair, has more plans to go with the celebration. The club plans to issue a souvenir card. It is slated for sale a month before the celebration, the tentative date of which is the 9th of September.

Plans are likewise being finalized by the club on the issuance of a souvenir sheet which will feature the first six stamps of each era of our history. These are the Spanish, US Administration, Philippine Commonwealth, Japanese Occupation and the present Republic.

Proceeds from the sales of the souvenir cards and souvenir sheets will be used to help finance the exhibition.

It was likewise announced by the publisher of the NU Stamp Album that pages for the souvenir card and the souvenir sheet will be printed off the press on the slated date of the affair.

[Source: The Philippine Philatelic Auction Clipper, April-June 1982]

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IPPS October auction

Up and running is the International Philippine Philatelic Society mail auction scheduled for October 9.

Auction No. 67 features 373 lots covering all eras of Philippine philately, arranged according to the following:

Spanish Period -- Stamps
Spanish Period -- Covers and Postal Cards
Spanish Period -- Specimens
Spanish Period -- Printers Waste
Spanish Period -- Forgeries
Aguinaldo & Provisional Issues
US Period -- Stamps
US Period -- Official & Security Stamps
US Period -- Military Station Covers
US Period -- Covers & Postal Cards
US Period -- Ship Covers
Japanese Occupation -- Stamps
Japanese Occupation -- Covers and Postal Cards
Japanese Occupation -- Propaganda Material
Republic Period -- Stamps
Republic Period -- Covers and Postal Cards
Republic Period -- Specimens
Revenue, Telegraphic and Miscellaneous Issues

Nigel Gooding is the auctioneer.

Terms? See --