Sunday, October 2, 2016

APO auction October 2016

Some 20 bidders had a happy time today at the auction sale of the APO Philatelic Society held at the Philpost lobby.

A total of 510 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots were listed, but this total was not met due to the absence of a consignor.

The following were the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
Newspaper stamp postally used

Commercial ovpt Rambler on 30c Franklin
Mint envelopes 2c & 4c
12c Salt Springs large block w/plate number + 26c Small Commonwealth plate block of 4
1932 registered cover Manila-Tayabas w/7 backstamps
1935 8v used
1935 2c Juan dela Cruz 25 pcs mint long envelope
1935 4c Juan dela Cruz 25 pcs mint long envelope
1938 8v used
8c OB B/4
4c OB B/4
Victory April 16, 1945 FDC
Victory May 1, 1945 FDC
Victory November 15, 1945 FDC
Victory February 8, 1948 FDC
Victory April 2, 1948 FDC
1946 missing perfs on Rizal mint B/4
Cover Corregidor cancel
Flight cover Manila-Albay
Misperf B/4 on Tacloban D-Day cover
Old revenues assorted
Documentary stamp

Japanese occupation
1943 green postal card mint VF w/short line
1943 Kalayaan perf set FDC Malolos cancel
1943 Kalayaan used ss VF
FDC 8 pcs
EFO 1944 Heroes ss used lower farme of 17c incomplete
EFO 1943 Kalayaan ss mint vignette of 17c higher than 12c
EFO 1943 Kalayaan ss mint vignette of 17c lower than 12c

RP mint
1959 30c Constitution sheet
1963 Folk Dances se-tenant block
1967 Battle of Corregidor set
1967 Birds set
1977 Solicitor General B/4
1978 Sipa entire sheet of 20 sets
1979 International Year of the Child set
1980 Central Phil University set
1980 MacArthur set
1984 Ausipex set
1984 LA Olympics (red) 6v
1985 Bible Week 2v B/4
1985 International Youth Year 2v B/4
1985 Horses ss
1986 Quiapo 2v B/4
1986 Reissues 2v B/4
1986 Ninoy ss
1986 Aurora Quezon B/12
1987 Constitution 2v B/4
1987 Dominicans 3v B/4
1988 surcharges 5v singles & B/4
1990 Philatelic Week 3v B/4
1991 USAFFE B/4
1991 USAFFE stamp & ss
1991 Plenary Church B/4
1992 Taipei-Phil Stamp Exhibit ss
1992 Chess Olympiad stamp & ss
1992 Jockey Club stamp & ss
1993 Orchids ss perf/imperf set
1993 Orchids ovpt Taipei set
1993 Year of the Cock ss
1995 Jars B/4
1996 UNICEF ss
1996 Aquarium Fishes ss ovpt Indonesia
1996 Aseanpex ss
1998 Erap Oathtaking B/4
1998 Australia Stamp Expo ss
2001 Japan World Stamp Exhibit ss
2001 Banaue Rice Terraces ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit (orchid) ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit (tamaraw) ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit (tarsier) ss
2001 National Stamp Collecting Month 6 pcs ss
2001 Boxer Codex 2 sets
2002 PhilaKorea (red) ss
2002 International Year of Mountains 5 pcs ss
2002 Coastal Resources ss
2002 Orchids 6 pcs ss
2002 Civil Service B/10
2002 1st Circumnavigation 5 pcs ss
2003 Philippine Medical Association B/4
2003 Apolinario Mabini B/4
2003 100th Year of Aviation sheetlet
2003 International Year of Freshwater 4 pcs ss
Penafrancia ss
Filipino Legacy in Hawaii 3 pcs ss
Phil-Mexico 50th Year 5 pcs ss
Taipei Phil Stamp Exhibit ss
Rural Bank B/10
Heroes definitives
Butterflies ss P10
Endemic Mammals ss P12
Masrcos Visit to USA ss
Bataan Day ss
USA Bicentennial ss 2 pcs
Limasawa Mass 1 sheet
Pope Paul VI 1 sheet
50th Anniv of WWII ss 2 pcs
25th Olympics ss
San Juan dela Cruz ss
Asian Intl Stamp ss 2 pcs
Intl Organization of Supreme Audit ss
Manila Jockey Club ss
Birds semipostals
Land Reform
Civil Service Commission perf
Pres. Garcia
Intl Rice Inst
Asian Oceanic Postal
Dona Calderon
Rizal B/4
Filipino Child
Benigno Aquino

RP specimens
1996 Fil-Am Friendship 2v B/4
1996 Pasko 4v B/4
1997 Pacific, Wild Animals, & Asean

1947 Ecafe perf set
1948 MacArthur
1958 5 diff cachets
1963 UN ss 7 diff cachets
1981 Pope John Paul set on special imported transparency
1983 Lechon ss
1984 LA Olympics 2 pcs imperf 6v
1984 LA Olympics 2 pcs perf 6v
1985 Philatelic Week w/signature
1987 UN on long envelope
1992 Endangered Birds set & 2 ss on 3 FDCs
1993 Year of Cock set perf/imperf ss 3 pcs
1993 Year of Cock set perf/imperf ss Taipei cancel
1994 Congratulations se-tenant 2 pcs
1996 Phil-American set & ss 2 pcs
1997 WWF 4 diff ss
1998 Marine Mammals ss
63 pcs 1960s
46 pcs 1980s
52 pcs 1990s

RP covers
1948 Special Flight Around Manila
1948 Naga Inauguration of a New City
1948 Calbayog Inauguration of a New City
1949 Legaspi Inauguration of a New City
1949 Cagayan BPSIAA Meet
1949 Baguio Carnival & Exposition
1986 Cebu Philatelic Exhibition cancellled Danao, Lapu Lapu, Mandaue & Cebu City w/signature
1987 Cepex cancelled USIS Lincoln Center Cebu City
Slogan covers 5 pcs
Stamped envelope 10th Anniversary of Republic & 78th Birth of Quezon

RP revenues
P5 revenue counterfeit pair + normal
8 diff proxy forms w/doc stamps 1950-70
Bank document w/P50 revenue & Science stamps incl Conrado Benitez signature

1991 Philacon special folder w/cancel
EFO 1963 shifted surcharge between 2 stamps mint
EFO 1973 Scouting w/broken letters
Aguinaldo-Span-PI 3v used
Stamp exhibition card 1982 Postpex FDC cancelled
Postpex ’82 2 diff souvenir cards + mint B/10 ovpt
Christmas seal 1954 sheet + PNB special card cancelled 1991
Rizal Tomb prepaid card, Cory maximum card, & MacArthur
JapOcc money P100 w/1995 FDC & 1991 2nd Plenary stamp on P5
USPI & Spanish revenue mint multiples
2 pouches revenues (alcohol & cigarette stamps, etc)
Philippine stamp catalog 1871-2010

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