Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ateneo Stamp Club

With nothing to lose, I organized the Ateneo Stamp Club for school year 1982-83 at the Ateneo de Davao University's high school department.

Our organizational meeting was held in June, and by the time of our first regular meeting on July 2 there were 32 members. Officers were elected, and as the student moderator of the club I appointed one of the members as club artist (he did the preliminary design above for our t-shirts).

During the school fiesta held on December 5-7, 1982, we were assigned a classroom for an Open House Exhibit, but on the first day of the event it was clear that we lacked materials for the exhibit, particularly stands for the frames of stamps, so the planned show had to be closed.

About the only other activity of the club was to encourage members and entire student body to join the 2nd Asean Letter-Writing Contest. A poster for the rules of this contest was pinned on the school's bulletin board for all to see.

Seventeen of the ASC members became student-members of the Davao Stamp Collectors.

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