Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hobby Time

Issued every two months was Hobby Time with Mandy Labayen as editor and writer "because hobby time is happy time for all!"

Members of the Philippine Stamp Collectors (I was one of them) received a free subscription.

A favorite column is "Stamp Language" by Linda Stanfield, and a favorite department was "Stamp Clubs News" (although it did not appear regularly).

I have Volume 1 Number 1 dated August-September 1980 and subsequent issues for
October-November 1980
December 1980-January 1981
February-May 1981 (two issues in one)
June-July 1981
August-September 1981
October-November 1981
December 1981-January 1982
February-March 1982
April-May 1982

These were all mimeographed.
Published by Spenders Philippine Stamps.

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