Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Philatelic Week

Before National Stamp Collecting Month there was Philatelic Week.

Philatelic Week was observed officially from 1969 to the 1990s.

Proclamation No. 622 was signed on October 13, 1969, by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos "declaring the last week of November every year as Philatelic Week."

There are four whereases in this proclamation:

"...the collection and study of postage stamps, provides an individual with knowledge not only of his country's history, its people and traditions, but also of the rest of the world;

"...philately fosters international understanding and friendship, and promotes patriotism, interest in arts, culture and science;

"...the promotion of philately in our country will provide an effective means of projecting the Philippines abroad, and consequently boost our tourism industry; and

"...it is desirable that public attention be focused on the significance of philately."

You'll find this on the online Official Gazette of the government at

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