Friday, February 24, 2017

Baguio exhibit

PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost celebrates Flower Festival in Baguio City

In celebration of Baguio City’s prominent Panagbenga Festival, also known as the Flower Festival, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is holding a two-day stamp exhibit at the Baguio City Central Post Office on February 24 to 25, featuring various stamps of flowers issued by the PHLPost through the years.
From the March 9, 1962-issued Philippine Orchids stamp to the most recent September 30, 2016-issued Philippine Orchids stamp, the exhibit displays 45 flower stamps.
Among the featured stamps are six versions of Philippine Orchids stamps issued on different dates, 11 derivatives of Philippine Native Orchids stamps, five versions of Philippine Flowers Mini-Stamps, Cacti and Succulents stamps, Rare Philippine Flowers, Philippine Hoyas, Aquatic Flowers, Philippine Cultivated Mussaendas, Revalued Narra Tree, Flowers of the Philippines, and Philippine Heritage Month-Hybrid Gumamelas stamps.
Stamps commemorating several conventions and celebrating diplomatic relationships between the Philippines and other countries that feature flowers are also found in the exhibit, namely, the 29th Orient and Southeast Asian Lions Forum, Taipei ’93 Asian International Invitational Stamp Exhibition, Cattleyas-Taipei ’96, 50 Years of Philippine-Thailand Diplomatic Relations, 50 Years of Philippine-Korean Diplomatic Relations, Hong Kong 2001 Stamp Exhibition, and Golden Jubilee of the Philippine-Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS).
The stamp featuring the Philippine Flag with National Symbols-Sampaguita is also included in the exhibit, so as the stamps of Paintings of Young Filipino Artists and Fiestas in the Philippines, which have flowers in their designs.
Cory Aquino Floral Paintings scented stamps for Cory Aquino’s fifth and sixth death anniversaries are also to be seen in the exhibit.

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