Sunday, February 5, 2017

APO auction February 2017

Over a dozen bidders, including one collector from Bulacan, participated in today's auction sale of the APO Philatelic Society held at the Philpost lobby.

There were 496 lots offered, of which the following were the Philippine philatelic lots (not counting some others with incomplete information/no year dates):

Spanish era
Mint pair
Papel Sellado 1890-91 25c de peso Headboard w/seal and offset error

1926 FDC 2c & 4c Legislative A
1926 FDC 2c & 4c Legislative B
1926 FDC 2c Legislative on 4c McKinley envelope
1926 2nd Day Cover on 2c Rizal envelope
1926 2nd Day Cover 4c Legislative
1927 cover 2c Legislative w/Fondo Benefico Espanol label
1928 postage due set mint
1937 33rd Eucharistic set used
1939 Foreign Trade FDC w/cachet VF + 1941 FDC 8c Vinta
1945 Victory cover Unconditional Surrender of Japan
1945 Philippines posted mail to USA using US stamps w/civilian mail censor mark 682
1945 early posting w/flap type censor 683 to New York
Victory covers

Japanese occupation
1943 secret cover Nov. 19 “the USA conquest of Tarawa beach” envelope posted, no censor
1943 FDC May 17 Planting Rice postal card + GEAWAR slogan on postal card
1944 souvenir sheet of 3
1944 Heroes mint ss w/shifted print variety
1945 postal card Jan. 15
Laurel 1st Anniversary of Republic 2v strip of 3 vertical mint

Republic mint
1946 Independence set
1947 Roxas Oath-taking set
1948 MacArthur set
1962 Orchids imperf B/4 and 1980 Jeepney set
1977 Solicitor General B/4
1977 Espamer sheetlet of 3
1981 surcharges
1983 Intosai ss
1985 Spanish-Philippine Peace Treaty 8 pairs
1986 Ninoy ss
1986 Aurora Quezon B/12
1990 Great Filipinos 4 strips of 5
1991 USAFFE B/4
1991 USAFFE Induction insignias white s/t of 16 set
1991 USAFFE Induction insignias yellow s/t of 16 set
1991 Plenary Church B/4
1991 Asia-Pacific ss
1992 Taipei Philippines Stamp Exhibit ss
1993 Butterflies Indopex ss
1993 Aquarium Fishes ovpt Queen Sirikit mint ss
1995 Jars B/4
1996 Unicef ss
1998 Australia Stamp Expo ss
1998 Erap Oath-taking B/4
1998 Philpost Centennial ss
2001 Japan World Stamp Exhibit ss
2001 Banaue Rice Terraces ss
2001 National Stamp Collecting Month 6pcs ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit orchid ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit tamaraw ss
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit tarsier ss
2001 Boxer Codex 2 sets
2002 Phila Korea red ss
2002 International Year of Mountain 5pcs ss
2002 Coastal Resources ss
2002 Orchids 6 pcs ss
2002 Civil Service B/10
2002 Circumnavigation 5pcs ss
2003 Philippine Medical Association B/4
2003 Apolinario Mabini B/4
2003 100th Year of Aviation sheetlet
2003 Intl Year of Freshwater 4pcs ss
Penafrancia ss
Filipino Legacy in Hawaii 3pcs ss
Phil-Mexico 50th Year 5pcs ss
Rural Bank B/10

Republic used
Modern definitives
2001 Boxer Codex m/s

Republic specimens
2002 Atang dela Rama ss
2004 Lobster, 2010 Dogs s/t sets
2004 San Agustin Church, 2005 Pope, 2010 Penafrancia s/t sets
2009 Phil-India, Phil-Singapore diplomatic
2009 Alpha Phi Beta, Quezon City s/t sets
2009-10 single issues Macapagal, Binay, Bolkiah, etc.
2009-10 sets 4 diff Manalo, K of C, Ozone, Fiber
2009-10 4 sets Year of Tiger, Rabbit, Padilla, IRRI
2009-10 3 sets TB Cent., Biodiversity, Chua Family
2009-10 2 sets Valentine’s Day
2009-10 Cory Aquino, B. Aquino Oath-taking sets
2009-10 Olongapo, Galleon, Phil-Thai, Phil-Korea s/t sets
2009-10 Minerals, PCSO, Pasko s/t sets
2009-10 Taguig, Architectural Bldgs, Luneta Hotel s/t sets
2010 Manansala Paintings set
2010 Mindanao University, Veterans, Bukidnon University, Tree s/t sets
2010 National Artists, LRT s/t sets

Republic FDCs
1948 Roxas 4 diff cachets
1955 Gozar Basa 4v on 2 pc regular machine cancel
1957 Magsaysay 7 diff cachets + no cachet
1961 Boy Scout Jamboree 6 diff cachets
1972 Anniv visit of Pope Paul VI
1973 Fernando Guerrero
1974 Pio Valenzuela perf/imperf
1974 Teodora Alonso perf/imperf
1975 China Clipper
1975 Churches
1977 Pan-Am 50th Anniv
1984 Butterflies 2 pcs complete
1988 Olympic Week perf strip of 4
1993 Bangkok World Philatelic Exhibition
1994 Corals
1994 Corals ss
4 diff Columbus, PAL, Coconuts, Environment

Republic covers
1950s 6 slogan covers Medical, Liberation, Lawyers themes
1958 flight cover to Washington DC
1976 FFC Aparri-Manila May 13
1976 FFC Manila-Aparri Feb. 10

Postpex '82 ss
1963 UN Human Rights ovpt on ss
1963 Philtrust check w/documentary stamps
1983 Davpex slogan cards + mint & Lasallephex show cover
1984 Railway Transportation CTO set
1985 Bible Week souvenir album w/stamp FDC VF
1995 Jose Diokno mint B/4 + FDC
Kennedy perf/imperf set 1c-P10 mint
Pre-war revenues B/4 1c & P2 mint w/gum + P1 used
Two 1975 used checks, 1960 proxy all w/documentary stamps
Rizaliana cover collection 25 diff cacheted envelopes
Philippine Republic stamp collection on NU album 1946-84 many mint sets
12 assorted documentary stamps
Revenue entire pane of 21 20c Palm Tree no gum + large pouch of early Republic doc stamps attached to part documents
Philippine small stockbook of pre-war incl Rizal stamp w/railroad cancellation, error Large Commonwealth no hyphen

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