Sunday, August 14, 2016

PPC auction August 14

The Philippine Philatelic Club will hold an auction today at Quezon City.

A total of 681 lots of stamps, coins and other collectibles will be offered.

These are the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
1886 pair
1886 four values
one sheet repaired

1935 4c Woman and Carabao sheet of 50
1939 First Air Mail Exhibition cover
Victory flight cover
Victory covers all different
Victory FDC
Victory postal card close IC

Japanese occupation
1941 P1 Vinta sheet of 50
1941 2c Rizal two sheets of 100
Planting Rice postal card assorted
Rizal postal card mint
stamps in album
Food pair two sets
FDC Food pair set
FDC Laurel
FDC Kalayaan

Republic mint
1946 Independence set B/4
1947 4c Rizal Monument sheet of 100
1948 4c Boy Scout sheet of 50
1951 6c UN Day sheet of 100
1952 Panapex set B/4
1954 5c Marian Year sheet of 50
1958 25c Antonio Luna sheet of 100
1959 3c Mabini sheet of 100
1959 25c+5c 10th Scout Jamboree sheet of 50
1959 6c UN Day two sheets of 50
1959 Maria Cristina Falls set B/4
1960 6c Rome Olympics two sheets of 50
1960 2c Jose Abad Santos sheet of 100
1961 6c+5c Roxas semipostal  sheet of 50
1961 6c & 30c Manila Postal Conference two sheets of 40
1962 3c Apolinario Mabini sheet of 100
1962 200th Anniversary Diego Silang Revolt sheet of 100
1962 6c Jose Rizal OB two sheets of 100
1963 6c & 30c Diego Silang Bicentennial sheet of 100
1963 6c & 30c State Visit of Adolfo Mateos sheet of 50
1964 30c Agricultural Land Reform sheet of 50
1965 25c State Visit of Heinrich Luebke sheet of 50
1965 25c Asian Cycling sheet of 50
1966 30c Aguinaldo credo sheet of 50
1966 30c New Seal of Manila sheet of 50
1966 30c Manila Summit sheet of 50
1967 70c Taal eruption sheet of 50
1967 30c Quezon credo sheet of 50
1968 70c Taal Volcano sheet of 50
1968 30c Musical instrument sheet of 50
1969 5c on 6c Philatelic Week sheet of 40
1969 30c Melchora Aquino sheet of 50
1970 30c Iligan Steel Mills sheeet of 50
1970 5c on 6c Mabini surcharge two sheets of 50
1970 30c UPU Headquarters sheet of 50
1971 30c First National City Bank sheet of 50
1971-72 Tourism series mint
1972 30c UP College of Pharmacy sheet of 30
1976 15c Montreal Olympics sheet of 50
1977 30c New Society sheet of 50
1978 30c Human Rights sheet of 50
1979 30c Rosa Sevilla Alvaro sheet of 100
1979 30c Nido Oil Reef sheet of 50
1979 30c Animals sheet of 40
1979 15c Year of the Child sheet of 30
1980 30c Rotary International sheet of 50
1980 30c World Tourism sheet of 30
1980 MacArthur stamps & ss
1981 40c New Republic perf sheet of 36
1981 40c New Republic imperf sheet of 36
1981 Decade surcharge sheet of 30
1981 Pope John Paul stamps & ss
1981 Jesuits stamps & ss
1982 Bataan Day stamps & ss
1982 Marcos ss
1983 50c Philatelic Week sheet of 50
1984 40c Parrots sheet of 40
1986 De la Salle stamps & ss
1987 Manila Hotel set
1987 Reprints
MacArthur set B/4
Red Cross/Sacred Heart set B/4
Seal of Bacolod Bulacan Capiz set B/4
Ninoy Aquino stamps & ss
Asian Games stamps & ss
Katipunan Centennial set B/4
Rizal Exile to Dapitan Centenary set B/4
La Liga Filipina single B/12
Basketball Centennial ss
UP & General Assembly B/4
stamps all complete sets
Bicentennial ss 2 pcs
World War II ss 2 pcs
Barcelona Olympics ss
Juan dela Cruz ss
Manila Jockey Club ss
Chess Olympiad ss
Year of the Cock ss
Philippine Stamp Exhibit ovpt ss
Asian Intl Stamp Exhibit ss
Year of the Dog ss
Aquarium Fishes II ss
Veterans semipostal B/4 & ovpt plate block & corner block

Republic miscellaneous
43 diff used souvenir sheets
FDC Ausipex ss perf/imperf
FDC Pope Francis
FDC Marine Fishes II 3 pcs
Rizal postal envelope all different
Flight Cover on air letter 1st PAL Inaugural Flight
1992 Nilad stamps & FDC
2000 Christmas seal full sheet
documentary stamps
documentary stamp on document

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