Sunday, August 7, 2016

BCC auction August 7

There are at least 11 Philippine philatelic lots in today's auction of the Bayanihan Collectors Club to be held at the Ortigas Foundation Library.

These are as follows:

Spanish-Phil  1873  1 real  green  used  Habilitado por  la Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1873  2 reales   carmine  used  Habilitado  por  la Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1874  10c rose used Habilitado por la Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1872  5c  vermillon  used  Habilitado por la  Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1872  1 real violet used Habilitado  por  la  Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1872  2 reales  blue used  Habilitado por la Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1871 1 real grey-green used Habilitadopor la Nacion
Spanish-Phil  1871  1 real   green used  Habilitado por la Nacion
3 Complete SHEET of  100  Stamps  -  JapOcc  2c Rice Planter and 16c
         Moro Vinta, with cancellations Manila, 1944, in mint condition
2009 Cory Aquino Memorial Issue PAIR Set, Mint
Postal Cards, JapOcc and Commonwealth, mint

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