Sunday, June 4, 2017

APO auction June 2017

More than 20 bidders participated in today's auction sale of the APO Philatelic Society held at the Philpost lobby.

Of the 422 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots listed, the following were the Philippine philatelic items (not counting late lots):
Spanish era
Giro P5 P2
Sello 50c de peso 40c de peso

1926 FFC Aparri-Manila
1926 FDC 1
1926 FDC 2
1927 FFC Manila-Iloilo
1928 FFC Manila-Aparri
1928 FFC Aparri-Manila
1935 FDC
1935 2c long envelopes mint 38pcs
1935 4c long envelopes mint 5pcs
1937 Eucharistic Congress set used
1939 2c cover + Rizal red small commonwealth booklet pane
1945 Victory cover Nov. 15
1945 Victory Exhibition + red ovpt PPC B/4
1945 FFCs Iloilo-Manila + Manila-Cebu
Victory 2 covers to US
Victory 20c used B/4 broken CO
F instead of E small commonwealth 2c Rizal OB
P20 bullion unused

Japanese occupation
1943 cover Last Day of Kalibapi Oct. 13 & Rice Planting FDC
1943 FDCs Kalayaan perf & imperf 2pcs
1944 FDCs Bataan & Corregidor on envelope & postal card
1945 Laurel imperf 20c & 5c strips of 5
1945 cover 3rd Anniv Japan Captures Manila Jan. 2
3pcs covers May 17, 1943 Heroes perf FDC & Jan. 29, 1945 all cards
2pcs PE mint & cancelled Sept. 1, 1944 1st American Air Raid
Juan dela Cruz postal envelope ovptd 5c low overprint
4c defin B/10
16c defin B/10
25c defin B/10

Republic mint
1954 Asian Games 18c B/10
1976 Olympics ovpt B/4
1977 Solicitor General B/4
1978 Capex ss
1981 Pope set & ss
1982 Marcos 65th Birthday set B/4
1985 RP PROC ss
1988 Olympics imperf pair
1989 World Stamp Expo
1990 Birds ovptd Taiwan
1995 Jars ss
1995 50th Anniv of WWII 2 sheetlets
1997 Bonifacio se-tenant strip of 3
1998 Club Filipino B/4
2002 Circumnavigation + Orchids ss
2003 Year of Goat perf ss 5pcs
2003 Year of Goat imperf ss 5pcs
2004 Olympics ss 5pcs
2004 WWF Owl sheetlet
2004 Postpex ovptd ss 5pcs
2005 Filipinas ovpt ss 5pcs
2005 Rotary sheetlet
2005 Land Snails 5pcs
2008 Year of Rat sheetlet
2008 Taipei Exhibit 2pcs sheetlets
2010 Lady of Penafrancia
2010 Manansala Centenary sheetlet
Orchids P5 + Mountains P6 B/4
Flowers ss 2pcs
Phl-China Diplomatic Relations ss 2pcs
Flowers defin P5 B/4
Flowers defin P8 B/4
Tourist Spots ss
Insects 2pcs sheetlets
Insects 2pcs sheetlets diff from above
Graciano Lopez Jaena B/20
3rd Asean Informal Summit strip of 3
1st Anniv Proclamation of Martial Law B/4
400th Anniv Muestra Senora de Guia B/4
Boy Scouts Silver Jubilee perf B/4
Tourism I B/4
Tourism III B/4
Sipa B/4
MacArthur Birth Centenary ss
Orchids B/4
Napex ss
UPU 75th Anniv B/4
Cats B/4
Parrots B/4
Trains B/4

Republic specimens
1983 NSTA B/4
1986 Ninoy ss
1989 Guerrilla Fighters 2 pairs

Republic EFOs
Kennedy 6c yellow of face shifted up B/4 mint
Kennedy 10c yellow of face shifted up B/4 mint

Republic FDCs
1948 Rizal 4pcs
1949 Rizal booklet pane
1950 Forestry set B/4
1954 Stamp Centenary 2pcs
1960 Olympics 8pcs
1961 PAAF 5pcs
1972 surcharges 3v B/4
1972 Bureau of Post 25th Anniv set B/4
1972 Heart Month set B/4
1977 AOPU set B/4
1981 surcharges 4v B/4
1982 St. Theresa of Avila set B/4
1982 Marcos Visit to US set + ss
1985 Christmas 60s P3 B/4
1987 Mason cancelled 4 diff cities
1987 Dominican w/signatures
1988 Don Bosco w/signature
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1990 Lions Club Orchids P1 P4 B/4
1991 Basketball set & 2 ss in 3 FDCs
1993 Philippines 2000 set
1995 Romulo ss + 1988 Christmas +1990 FDC
2007 Year of Pig
2007 Year of Pig ss
5pcs w/US printed cachets WWF, Battle of Manila Bay etc
6pcs China Clipper, Quiapo, Scouts, Eucharistic, SSS etc

Republic covers
1986 FFC Manila-UAE
1991 Closing of Clark Air Base Nov. 25 on Mayon view card
1992 Youngpex show cover w/signatures

Souvenir Card 1980 UN Exhibit
Maximum card 1981 Pope John Paul II
Map of Tondo charity seal 1988 entire pane
Labuyo postcard 1992 Philippine Stamp Exhibit Taipei
Philacon 1992 postcard w/signatures
Cepex 1994 postcard Magellan’s Cross Cebu
USPI/RP documentary stamps some w/faults
JapOcc Rizal green PC mint & 1935 PC
Revenue & Science Stamps on 12 drafts

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