Sunday, March 26, 2017

collector's auction sale

Today the DeAntonni Hobby Cafe in Quezon City will hold an auction sale.

Of the 500 lots listed, mostly coins and banknotes, the following were the Philippine philatelic items:

Spanish era
2c Recargo de Consumos
Papel Sellado 1888 y 1899 5 c de peso
Papel Sellado 1890 y 1891 5 c de peso

1937 Cover Inauguration of Cebu City
Rizal & Arms of Manila definitives ovpt OB
Rizal ovpt OB pane of 30 mint
Far Eastern Games set in pairs mint

1946-47 OB specimen ovpt in red and black
1947 FDC 12c definitive
1948 Cover  87th Birth Anniversary of Rizal
1951 Cover Invest in Peace Fund Drive
1952 Cover Solidaridad
1952 FDC Lions
1953 FDC Cover International Fair
1958 FDC Manila Cathedral
1958 FDC Bonifacio
1981 Pope John Paul II set mint
1984 Olympics B /4
2001 BPI commem stamps & postcard mint
2011 FDC Beatification of John Paul II 2pcs

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