Sunday, April 2, 2017

APO auction April 2017

Some 30 bidders actively participated in the auction sale of the APO Philatelic Society held today at the Philpost lobby.

This was the last sale of auctioneer Boy Inductivo before he leaves for abroad to be with family for an extended stay.

Of 530 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots listed, the following were the Philippine philatelic lots (not counting those with incomplete description):

1903 4c Grant mint disturbed gum
1911-17 P1 & P2 definitives used
1925 Rizal imperf mint, Rizal used Tagle OB
1926 Registered cover Laoag to Manila
1926 Postal card cancelled Manila
1926 FDC w/Christmas seal
1926 FDC 18c Legislative Palace
1926 FDC 20c Legislative Palace
1926 FDC 24c Legislative Palace
1926 FFC Aparri-Manila
1927 Postal card Pagsanjan to Manila
1927 FFC Manila-Cebu via US Army Air Service
1927 FFC Manila-Iloilo via US Army Air Service
1928 FFC Manila-Aparri
1928 FFC Manila-Zamboanga
1928 FFC Manila-San Jose, Mindoro
1935 Initial Flight, Small Commonwealth assorted, Special Delivery
1937 Eucharistic set used
1945 Victory cover V-J Day
1945 20c Victory ovpt shifted left, shifted right
1946 Postal cards close IC mint, long & short lines
LOF 2c & 4c, Small Commonwealth, Special Delivery
Missing hyphen error used
Victory cover 10th Anniversary of Commonwealth
Victory ovpts 9v used

Japanese occupation
1941-42 8 diff mint B/4s
1942 16c mint Plate B/4
1942 Geawar ovpt 5c stamp + FDC
1943 16 used B/4
1943 20c K.P. mint B/4
1943 Limbagan ovpt 12c stamp + FDC
1943 Baha ovpt 5c stamp + FDC
1943 Soldier mint set + FDC
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf cancelled Daet
1943 FDC Kalayaan perf & imperf cancelled Malolos
1944 Heroes perf set + FDC
1944 FDC Heroes on 5c PSE surcharge shifted up
5c Dalaga K.P. single & B/4 shifted ovpt
Postal cards 5pcs mint

Republic mint
1976 Constabulary set B/6 perf & imperf
1976 US Bicentennial ovpt ss
1977 Amphilex ss
1978 PLDT pairs 6 sets
1978 Fishes set
1980 Shells set
1981 Jesuits B/4
1983 BSP Jamboree 11pcs
1987 GSIS 2 pairs
1988 Landbank set sheetlets of 6
1988 PCIBank set sheetlets of 6
1988 Human Rights sheetlet of 12 + center gutter
1989 World Stamp Expo set B/4
1989 Fiesta Islands 4th series set B/4
1991 Usaffe B/32
1992 Postal Museum ovpt ss
1992 Jockey Club ss
1993 Butterflies ss
1995 WWII 5 sets of strip of 5
1995 Jakarta Exhibit ss
1995 FAO 50th B/6
1995 NSCM ss 2pcs
1995 Unicef B/4
1995 PAF ss
1996 Aseanpex set & ss
1996 Aseanpex ss
1997 Definitives B/14
1997 UPU sheetlet
1998 Pasko
1998 Holy Spirit Adoration 2 B/4s
1999 Australia World Stamp ss
1999 Frogs B/4
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit 5pcs ss (tarsier)
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit 5pcs ss (pawikan)
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit 5pcs ss (agila)
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit 5pcs ss (tamaraw)
2001 Hong Kong Exhibit 5pcs ss (flora)
2002 Year of the Horse ss
2003 Anti-Drug B/4
2004 Filipinas ss
Orchids sheet
Seoul Olympics & SEA Games ss
St. John of the Cross ss
9 diff ss Christianity, Jesuits, Ruiz, Lions, UPU, etc
10pcs 2000s fv P70
8pcs 2000s fv P55
11pcs 2000s fv P71
13pcs 1990s to 2000s fv P83
11pcs 1990s fv P80

Republic used
25pcs 1940s to 1960s
23pcs 1960s to 1970s
25pcs 1950s to 1970s
7 sets Kennedy, Girl Scouts imperf, 1992 Flowers P1 se-tenant

Republic specimens
1981-82 Prominent Filipinos 7v
1981 SEA Games 4v, 1988 Pasko 5v
1981 IPU set, Disabled set, Tower Awards set
1981 Red Cross, 1982 Adamson, Aging, Scouts, PMA
1981 Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Castro, Marcos, 1982 Asean
1982 UP Med, MWSS, St. Therese, Children’s Library, TB
1982 Bible Society set, PGH set
1982 Bataan Day set, SSS set
1985 Bessang Pass, 1988 Bacolod, CCF, Restored Democracy,PLDT
1987 Definitives reissue set
Year of the Dog ss
UN 60th Anniv ss (dove going to the right)

Republic FDCs
1946 Independence 3 diff cachets
1947 Ecafe perf
1948 MacArthur
1954 Asian Games
1954 Stamp Centenary set 2pcs
1960 Rome Olympics 8 diff cachets
1971 Our Lady of Guia 2pcs B/4
1972 Visit Asean Lands 3pcs B/4
1976 Nuestra Sra de Antipolo 2 pcs B/4
1979 Scoutpex B/4 cancelled UP Diliman
1981 Marcos perf, Carpio, Quiapo, Eucharistic
1985 Virgin Mary + 1980 Shells set FDC
1986 Pasko set
1987 UN w/signature
1988 Seoul Olympics set 2pcs imperf
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1991 WWF 2 diff cachets
1991 Basketball 3pcs
1992 Chess Olympiad 2pcs
1994 Corals
1996 National Symbols 5th series reissue
1997 Year of Ox perf/imperf ss
1997 WWF 4 diff ss 4pcs
Hong Kong Shanghai Bank
Pope John Paul II visit
World Theater Festival
25 diff incl Skal, Scouts, Folk Arts, etc

Republic covers
1953 & 1955 slogan covers PMA Golden Jubilee, National Hospital Week
1983 Lasallephex show cover + Davpex souvenir cards 4 pcs
2pcs airletter FDCs
FFC Manila-Cebu
FFC Manila-Iloilo
FFC Manila-Dipolog
FFC Manila-Canton
FFC to California

1955 Magsaysay Inaugural set unused B/4
1972 Gastroenterology FDC presentation card
1987 PPC Post Kard Mateo Capinpin
1987 Benigno Aquino P1 reprint on maximum card
Rizal 2c postal card w/Kislap graphic advert Nida Blanca mint
Marcos-Reagan souvenir album w/FDC set & ss
Collection mounted on NU Album 1946-84
1935 Car Mortgage document w/20c documentary stamp
Republic revenues on certificates 3pcs
Christmas seal 1 sheet

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