Sunday, December 4, 2016

BCC auction December 4

There are more than 20 Philippine philatelic lots in today's auction of the Bayanihan Collectors Club to be held at the Ortigas Foundation Library, as follows:
Spanish-Phil 1854 1 real blue, imperf
Spanish-Phil 1855 5c pale red, imperf, used
Spanish-Phil 1859 5c vermillon, imperf, used
Spanish-Phil 1859 10c lilac rose, imperf, mint
Spanish-Phil 1861 5c vermillon, imperf, mint no gum
Spanish-Phil revenues mint used
Spanish-Phil 1883 Alfonso surcharged used block of four
Souvenir Album mint set -  S/S Miss Universe 1994 with signature of        
         Margie Moran - Miss Universe in 1973
R.P. mint stamps color variety
R.P. 1948 MacArthur stamps and first day cover
R.P. 1967 Philipine birds mint set block of four
R.P. 1969 Philipine butterflies mint set block of four
R.P. 1970 Philipine shells mint set block of four
R.P. 1972 Philipine fishes mint set block of four
R.P. 1984 Butterflies mint set
R.P. 1984 Water Transportation mint set
R.P. 1984 Philipine parrots mint set
R.P. 1985 Marian Year mint stamps and first day cover
R.P. 1985 Medicinal Plants mint complete set
R.P. 1985 Horses mint specimen
R.P. 1981 Pope John Paul stamps and souvenir sheet mint
R.P. 1984 Ausipex souvenir sheet perf imperf first day cover
R.P. 1979 Philipine birds first day cover
R.P. 1982 Eagle and Turtle mint set block of four
R.P. 1991 WWF Eagle mint stamps and first day cover
R.P. Baguio Carnival and Exposition slogan cover
R.P. 1987 Jose Rizal mason cover cancelled 4 diff cities

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