Sunday, December 4, 2016

APO auction December 2016

Some 20 bidders participated in today's auction of the APO Philatelic Society held at the Philpost lobby.

Auctioneer Ignacio "Iggy" Tuazon treated us all to special snacks during the sale.

There were 525 philatelic and nonphilatelic lots.
These were the Philippine philatelic lots:

Spanish era
1879 VF used much of overprint missing
1882 mint OG
1882 mint
1882 mint VF
1883 Habilitado ovpt VF mint
1887 VF mint
1891 Baby Alfonso 25c mint OG
1894 Baby Alfonso 20c mint OG
16 diff. used & mint VF
2 mint stamps both misperf
Pair mint
High value stamp
Revenue stamps mint 7v

1928 Rizal coil mint OG
1933 FDC Manila to New York
1933 cover Manila to New York
1935 FFC Manila-San Francisco Pan-Am
1936 cover Manila to Maryland
1936 Quezon Inaugural VF mint set
1936 FDC 1st Anniversary of Commonwealth
1937 33rd Eucharistic set used
1937 33rd Eucharistic Congress
1937 FFC Manila-Shanghai PAA
1940 Quezon Oathtaking mint B/4 OG VF
1940 Quezon Oathtaking set pristine condition
USPI mint stamp shifted ovpt
Special Delivery stamp used
USPI revenue stamps
Woman & Carabao 2 diff full sheets
4c victory B/6 mint
2c mint B/4 small OB
2c mint B/4 big OB
12c Arch mint B/4
2c Map mint B/4
2 postal cards

Japanese occupation
FDC Aug. 16, 1943
1943 FDC Kalayaan imperf set
1943 Kalayaan perf FDC & imperf FDC on PC
1943 Kalayaan ss mint (vignette of 17c shifted higher)
1943 Kalayaan ss mint (vignette of 17c shifted lower)
1944 Heroes ss
Rizal green PC cancelled Oct. 31, 1943 last day of Kalibapi
2nd Bataan & corr. FDC in B/4s 2 values VF
1st Anniv. Bataan FDC corner card Philippine Schoolbook Company
2 FDCs Heroes pairs perf 1944 & Limbagan 1943
1942-45 diff mint & used stamps
Planting Rice mint used
FDC Food Production orange
FDC Fall of Bataan censored
2 postal cards
Cover 12-3-43
Stamped envelope
6c ovpt on 5c mint B/4

RP mint
1947 Ecafe perf & imperf sets (4c has smudged value)
1949 semipostals set postally used VF
1956 Eucharistic Congress 2 values B/12
1959 Scouts ss pristine condition
1967 Corregidor set
1977 Espamer perf ss
1980 Independence B/4
1984 Ausipex imperf ss pristine condition
1988 Landbank/PCI Bank se-tenant 10 pairs
1988 Seoul Olympics ss
1988 Christmas ss
2 sheetlets PLDT & National Defense
2 sheetlets 1988 CCF & 1989 Supreme Court
2 sheetlets 1988 Mary Immaculate & 1989 General Santos
Definitives perf/imperf w/high value
St. Louis University and Philippine Flowers sheets
Imelda Marcos and Nuestra Guia and Burial Jar sets
Magsaysay B/4
UN set B/4
Jaycees set B/4
400th Year Jesuits ss
Manila Jockey Club ss
Usaffe ss
Orthopedic ovpt
Aquarium Fishes ss

RP specimens
1995 National Symbols 7v
1995 WWII events s/t set (4 sets)
2007 Eagles P50 & P100
2007 Juan Luna Paintings set
2009 D Eagles P50 & P100
2009 three s/t sets Culture & Arts, Minerals, PCSO
2009 Baguio City Centenary set + ss
2009 Phl-India, Marine Endangered set + ss
2009 70 Years Quezon City s/t set + ss
2009 Ateneo 150 Years s/t set + ss
2010 Year of Tiger set + ss
2010 Marine Life P50 2 diff P100 2 diff
2010 Vicente Manansala Paintings set
2010 Vicente Manansala Paintings set + ss
2010 Dia del Galleon set + 2 ss
2010 Beetles ss + sheetlet
2011 Year of Rabbit set + ss

RP used
Modern ss

1946 Independence
1958 UP bicancelled Manila & UP QC
1963 Red Cross set B/4 + others
1972 Christmas
1978 Smallpox
1981 Motor Cars & 1969 Philatelic Week
1981 Pope Visit 4 values 2 pcs
1983 Philatelic Week
1983 Spanish Treaty
1985 Horses set B/4 6 pcs
1985 Medical Plants set 2 pcs
1985 Philatelic Week B/4 2 pcs
1986 Ninoy ss
1987 Pasko 2 pcs
1987 International Year of Homeless
1988 Red Cross
1990 San Miguel Corp.
1992 Chess set & ss 2 pcs
1992 WWII set & ss 2 pcs
1992 Horse Racing stamp & ss 2 pcs
1992 Taiwan Exhibit ss 2 pcs
1992 I Love You
1993 Philippines 2000 4 pcs
1993 Orchids
1993 Stamp Exhibit
1993 Independence
7 diff. incl. Cavite Mutiny ss, Labor, CCF, Spoliarium
President Jose Laurel
President Macapagal & BHVMB Thailand
50th Anniv WWII
PNB Golden Jubilee
1st National Jamboree
Philippines 2000

RP covers
1946 Roxas Inauguration w/Rizal B/4
1948 3rd Anniv Liberation of Manila first day
1960 FFC Manila-Singapore Pan-Am
1965 FFC Manila-Australia PAL
1971 FFC Manila-Amsterdam KLM
1976 FFC Manila-Aparri
1979 FFC Manila-Canton PAL
1981 Rare slogan cover 10th year Hyatt Regency Hotel
1982 FFC Manila-Saudi Arabia PAL
1986 FFC Manila-Abu Dhabi Lufthansa
5 slogans 1953-54 sports, Christmas theme, etc.
3 slogan covers 1954 Asian Games w/double cancel, PAL
Slogan cover City of Naga
Slogan Jan. 23, 1949

Assorted mint VF sets old issues incl. rare 1941 Rizal OB electric eye double perf
Spanish-PI lot 6v used w/faults
Labuyo postcard w/1992 P2 Rooster stamp
RP stamped envelope revalued 10c
Airletter first day
Airletters 2 pcs first day
RP Rizal envelopes mint all diff.
FNCB & Marcos stamps w/ 2 pcs Haiti sheet
CCP stamp w/ 2 pcs Haiti sheet
Pope John Paul II stamp w/3 pcs Haiti set
Philippine Fishes and Philippine Flowers stamps w/2 pcs Haiti sheet
Philippine Cats and Philippine Fishes w/2 pcs Haiti sheet
Interpol and Visit Asean Lands w/3 pcs Haiti sheet
Mt. Pinatubo maximum card w/stamp cancelled 1992 FDC
Mt. Pinatubo maximum card w/stamp (diff. view) 1992 FDC
Pedro Calungsod sheetlet of 20 VF mint + FDC w/autograph of model
1992 Chess Olympiad souvenir album
1995 set of prepaid view cards issued by PO 6 complete
RP old revenue & Science stamps
RP mint documentary stamp
RP mint 2 pcs documentary stamps
Revenues 1969 FNCB draft, 6 1975 checks w/doc & Science stamps
Revenues 3 1949-50 stock proxies with 1st Republic doc stamps 50c entire
Preprinted check revenue used 1959 + time deposit cert. redeemed
Christmas seals 24 pcs 1948-50

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