Friday, August 28, 2015

The Clipper

The Philippine Philatelic Auction Clipper was published by the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club.

It was a mimeographed newsletter with Volume 1 Number 1 dated April-June 1982.

In this 8-page newsletter, POSTPEX '82 was announced for Postage Stamp Day with several committees formed "to spearhead the celebration" which also is the 5th PPAC Foundation Day (October 9).

An interesting column is "PPAC Lingo" used in the PPAC world. Listed were the following terms:

Auctionites -- members of the club
Gone -- "a favorite term of Boy Inductivo"
Marcos Shouting -- stamp set issued for 75th anniversary of                                             Philippine Independence                  
Mommy -- for Ms. Naty Lozano
Philperf --short for Philippine Perforation
The Clipper -- the paper itself

Felifranco R. Luto was editor and writer.

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