Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spanish mail markings

Another good reference for the Philippine specialist is Mail and Mail Markings of Private Business Firms of the Spanish Philippines by Don Peterson.

Published by the International Philippine Philatelic Society.

Copyright year is 1998.
Printed in black and white, with illustrations.

"This book," says the Introduction, "is a compilation of information on the mail and markings of private business firms of the Spanish Philippines from the late 18th century through 1898. The information, both historical and philatelic in nature, was collected from the Library of Congress, other libraries, auction catalogs, historical documents, and from Philippine stamp and postal history collections. The book represents accumulated data collected over the past 25 years."

My copy is signed "8 of 200" by the author.
Bought it in the late 1990s by mail from Don Peterson in the US.

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