Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PPAC catalogue

For a time back then we used the 1982 Philippine Postage Stamp Catalogue published by the Philippine Philatelic Auction Club.

This simplified, illustrated catalog listed prices for first day covers, mint and used (each was defined in detail) in Philippine currency. Semipostals and officials had separate listings at the back of the book.

"The chief motive in issuing this catalog is to set a standard pricing for Philippine Republic stamps and first day covers that is realistic and fair," read the foreword. "This is a product of several months of research and studies conducted by the PPAC Catalog Committee. Auction sales, dealers transactions, and other factors relative to the issuance of the stamps, etc...,were used to obtain the average prices quoted."

Compilers were Antonio So and Linda Stanfield.
There were 1,000 copies printed, in monochrome (bluish ink). My copy is numbered 104.
Bought it in Davao City back in the early 1980s (by mail from PPAC in Manila).

The first edition of this catalog, if I recall correctly, was dated 1981.

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