Saturday, August 29, 2015

Philpex '85

Shown is the souvenir program for Philpex '85, a competitive stamp exhibition in 1985 organized by the International Philippine Philatelic Society.

The show was held at the Manila Hotel from November 24 to 27. Listed were 16 exhibitors and 19 bourse tables.

Exhibits in the Philippine category were as follows:

"US Military Posts 1898-1905" by Stanley C. Chan
"Philippine Postage Due" by Emmanuel N. Encarnacion
"OBs The Early Years" by Ray L. Coughlin
"Philippines, 1982 Issues" by Ngo Tiong Tak
"His Excellency President Ferdinand E. Marcos Founder of the
                                      New Society" by Antonio Z. Mendoza
"Philippines 1942-1945 First Day Covers" by Roberto V. Araos
"Philippines, Japanese Occupation" by David A. McMurtrie

Officers of the IPPS for 1984-85 were Gustavo Ingles (president, Philippine Operations), Eugene A. Garrett (president, Foreign Operations), Emmanuel Encarnacion (vice president), Mario Que (treasurer), and Linda Stanfield (secretary).

In the Presidents' Message it was noted that "Last year saw a reorganization in the IPPS, which included the formation of two presidential posts, one for local and one for foreign operations."

A feature article in this souvenir program is titled "Foreign Airmail Route No. 14 (FAM 14)".

It was during this event that I got to meet Gene Garrett (1920-1996) for the first and only time.


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