Saturday, August 8, 2015

blast from the past 7

A regional philatelic center in Pampanga opens --

Some extracts from this news story:

"The Regional Philatelic Center will host monthly exhibition showcases as well as conferences and workshops where philatelists, stamp collectors and enthusiasts can meet, exchange information and ideas, conduct research, trade stamps, acquire and procure new collections. A Philatelic Library is also planned to become a repository of diverse national and international philatelic information. The Center for Philatelic Research and Studies, Inc. (CPRSI) will manage, maintain and operate the library as well as the conference and seminar room. Armando Labayen is the consultant for operations.

"The Pampanga Stamp Collector's Society (PSCS) is in-charge with the coordination with local and national stamp organizations to showcase their collections on future exhibitions."

Have fun!

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