Wednesday, August 26, 2015

blast from the past 10

A "Stamp, Coin and Paper Money Exhibit" held at the Davao Christian High School in 2011 --

"The exhibit, sponsored by the Philatelists and Numismatists Club, featured the collections of Mr. Rene A. Adapon and was held in commemoration of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary," said the report.

More extracts from the article:

"Mr. Rene Adapon is a philatelist and a numismatist. He is a member of various coin, stamp, and paper money associations such as: Cebu Stamp Club, American Philatelist Association, America Numismatist Association, Bank Note Society of the Philippines, and Paper Money Collectors of America. Mr. Adapon started with his collection when he was still a Grade 5 pupil collecting stamps. He then moved to coins, and then paper money. He has been a collector for forty years now.

"When asked why he decided to have this kind of collection, Mr. Adapon answered; 'If you collect stamps, it’s like you’re traveling from all over the world, from A to Z'."

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